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August 12, 2022

Vasile Dancu: There are no chances at the time being for Ponta leaving the top of the Government.

The days Prime Minister Ponta has left in his position as Head of the Government are to end soon, political sources declared, quoted with increasing frequency by the written press. And among the rumoured names of potential successors, there are those of the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, and of sociologist Vasile Dancu. According to Hotnews, the two of them were proposed to President Klaus Iohannis as options for the position of Prime Minister.

Invited to Digi24, Vasile Dancu declared that there are no chances at the time being for Ponta’s departure from the top of the Government:
“You may talk about anything. Characters were rated, especially people who make frequent appearances in the media and are very vocal may be exposed to this thing.
Probably they thought about my status as an independent. Such Prime Minister should be accepted in a situation like this by President Iohannis, not just by PSD.

I saw no sign from behalf of Klaus Iohannis or from the others that Victor Ponta’s dismissal might occur. There are no chances at this time for Victor Ponta leaving.

There are these issues for the party: whenever a politician appears on TV, even from the Opposition, they might say: we are not accepted by the Americans, by Europe, why do we have such Prime Minister, our image is damaged, but, at this point, this is merely a virtual situation, a story.

It would not benefit Liviu Dragnea either if a conflict started that would eliminate Victor Ponta. People are sensitive to betrayal.
We are in the middle of a show where everybody introduces information; it is a performance of politics.
Nothing happens in our politics, Mr. President is very calm, he does nothing about this thing, the Opposition makes formal motions of censure, as if they had no intention whatsoever to remove the Government, and the Government is minding their own business.”

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