President Iohannis on Romanian Army Day: A day when we celebrate patriotism, above all

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said in a message posted on his Facebook page on Sunday that celebrated on the Romanian Army Day is patriotism above all and added he would like the other public institutions to get to the public confidence rating the Army enjoys.

“Today is the Romanian Army Day, a day when we celebrate patriotism, above all. Each Romanian citizen, be they military, civilian or politician has the duty to love their homeland. I think patriotism means something else than using pretentious words or outer symbols meant to impress. Patriotism finds its expression in the simple things, in the fact one does one’s duty honestly, one abides by the law, one cares for those who elected one to represent them. This is how confidence is built. And it is by no chance that the Army is among the institutions with the highest credibility in the citizens’ eye. I would like the other public institutions to also get to the public confidence rating the Army enjoys. Happy Anniversary, Romanian Army! Happy Anniversary, Romania!”, Iohannis said.

The Romania leader attended early on Sunday a wreath-laying ceremony at the Heroes Monument at Paulis, Arad county, raised to honour the memory of the Romanian troops of Paulis Detachment, who in the autumn of 1944 fought and sacrificed their lives to stop the Hungarian Horthyst-fascist troops from advancing to central Romania, via the Mures gorges.

Iohannis then took part in a similar ceremony at the Monument of the Unknown Hero in Avram Iancu Square in Arad city.

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