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November 26, 2022

Electoral regional division

Liviu Dragnea represents the revelation of the moment as a political leader.

Although predictable for those aware of the behind-the-scene matters of political combinations, his exit to the public and his enthroning as Head of PSD are thoroughly overturning the Romanian political world.

As, using an ambiguous, misty, mysterious and extremely complicated path, Liviu Dragnea was content so far to be the puppeteer that had manipulated the inside buttons of PSD and other organizations, while everything officially known about his political position and his activity in the party was related to his presence in the shadow and his contingency behind Victor Ponta.
With all appearances of complexity, Liviu Dragnea’s case is simple and it is part of the basic methods in the school book of power. He is a man of the land who had managed in 20 years to gather the “feudal – political army” required to expand his influence and supremacy at local – national level to central level, obviously.

All of these, as well as his image as “the brain of black votes” in politics, a consistent file that had led to a conviction, as well as many other things, better known or less so, define Liviu Dragnea and recommend him as the forceful preventing tool of the power of any other political personality of the left wing and his installation in one of the most powerful political positions at the moment.

What happened actually, besides this massive political set design change that has taken place lately inside the political left wing and, most of all, inside PSD?
Nothing else than a general rehearsal of a fact that never ceased to be the supporting project of a strategy to overtake and manage political power Liviu Dragnea has had considered for a very long time: regional division.

Deemed official almost three years ago, while the Ponta Government was explosively overtaking power and preparing its field for the presidential elections, the draft law of administrative – territorial regionalization launched by Liviu Dragnea as a teaser, as an attempt to see what happens as a provocative glove thrown on the table to the power Traian Basescu was still holding at that time, was gradually abandoned, disappeared in the shadows and inside awaiting time that was cunningly calculated to last until the President finished his term, simultaneously with the process of internal destructuring that was ravaging PSD at that time.

Traian Basescu was put in the situation to postpone (unfavourably for his personal game) the priceless project of regional division presented simultaneously with his vital reconstruction of the Constitution, due to Basescu’s clinging to the power and an extremely inconvenient agenda focused almost exclusively on projecting outside the borders Romania’s interests and image for the last ten years and, last but not least, due to his arrogance caused by an inflation of self-confidence and the hunger to concentrate, in one hand, all threads of power of any kind.

Therefore, the absence of PDL Governments that would leave formality behind and earn real authority, the absence of a Parliamentary power at highest capacity, the “know-it-all” syndrome of the player president that could not accept, during his two terms, that the sacred and infallible formula of Government must be applied, even – and especially – under a President of a different political colour than the one of the Government at that time, all of these unacceptably naive mistakes dictated by blinding ego have served Liviu Dragnea this unbelievable tool of complete control of power on a plate.

Because the wave of Power ridden by Traian Basescu was the one that rose, slowly but firmly, Liviu Dragnea up to the position he had recently occupied, simultaneously offering him in an absolute manner all required tools and arguments so that he could complete his plan.

Because, besides any analytical or technical aspect required by the project of administrative – territorial regional division, besides any social, economical, organizational, formal, etc. argument, the system of regional division in Liviu Dragnea’s personal view has no other connotation than definitively imposing the supremacy of PSD in all nuclei of power.
Traian Basescu’s view on regional division was based on channeling power from the base to the edge.
Liviu Dragnea’s vision, as a person who was confered irrefutable ascendant by territories, that turned him into number one in the area of party control and in the valuable and exclusive mass of political – electoral negotiation, focuses on concentrating power from the edge to the base.

A pseudo – democratic feudalizing of Romania is what Liviu Dragnea intends and powerfully applies now and in the future.
Traian Basescu has been the man who had governed Romania for ten years in a closed, autocratic presidential regime.

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