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May 22, 2022

Sixt New Kopel Operational Leasing: Experts in auto fleet management

Member of the New Kopel Group Romania family, Sixt New Kopel Operational Leasing specializes in full service operational leasing for the auto fleet, modular operational leasing and fleet management.
Being in the vanguard of operational leasing in Romania (since 2005), the company has a team of 30 specialists with rich expertise in the domain and offers mobility solutions to its clients including through its national network of over 100 partners.
“We manage over 3,000 auto vehicles for 120 clients and we are happy that they are satisfied with the quality of their collaboration with us,” New Kopel Group CEO Hezi Shayb stated. “It’s just as important for us to inform potential clients, companies that need mobility and want to focus on their main line of activity, about the benefits of operational leasing and the way in which it can support them. That is why we use every opportunity to communicate through the press essential data related to operational leasing,” he added.

What is full service operational leasing?

It’s the right financial solution for the auto fleet. Operational leasing basically brings together the advantages of leasing an auto vehicle over the long term at an acceptable monthly rate and a complete range of fleet management services.

What does the operational leasing partner do?

He helps you save time by handling the formalities related to auto vehicle registration, insurance and maintenance. Moreover, he covers the auto vehicle’s ownership risk and resale risk, financing the acquisition.

What are the advantages of operational leasing?

You pay for the period of usage: small and constant monthly rates throughout the contract period. Zero extra costs: the overall usage costs (service, insurances, tires) are included in the contract. You benefit from integrated services: a single supplier for all of your fleet’s needs. You sign a customized contract: you choose the period of time you need the auto vehicle for and the number of kilometers you will be driving it annually. The down payment is 0 per cent and so you optimize your financial resources. It enjoys fiscal facility and you can optimize your cash flow: the car is registered as a company asset and the constant rate offers predictability to financial flows. At the end of the contract the residual value is zero: the car is returned.

What are the benchmarks of the full service operational leasing contract?

– You choose any brand and model weighing up to 3.5 tons, with your favorite options.
– You choose any period from 12 to 57 months. Six New Kopel’s recommendation is 48 months.
– You predefine the mileage: maximum 200,000 kilometers per contract.
– You select the management services you need.

Sixt New Kopel’s services for 24/7 mobility

– Non-stop assistance from Sixt OL consultant
– Complete delivery: registration, insurances, taxes.
– Maintenance: periodic maintenance, service, tire management, traffic assistance.
– Replacement auto-vehicle.
– Fleet management: fuel management, consultancy and reports.
– Dedicated agent: your Sixt OL colleague will personally take the car in for maintenance, repairs, periodic technical inspection (PTI), changing of tires, formalities.
– Consultancy: apps for lowering operational costs, courses in defensive driving and environmentally-friendly driving.

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