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May 18, 2021

Iohannis: I don’t want another sacrificed generation of children growing up away from their parents

President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday underscored the need for some “fast answers” to the problems of children whose parents are working abroad, arguing that he doesn’t want another sacrificed generation.

“After the generation who had to face the lack of freedom during the communist era, after the generation who shouldered the costs of transition, after the one who paid the coming out of the economic crisis, I don’t want us to have another sacrificed generation, that of children growing up alone, away from their parents. They mustn’t pay the emotional and social price for a context that forced millions of Romanians to seek a better life outside the country’s borders,” the head of state told the launch of Help-Line and online platform for children with parents working abroad, organised at the Cotroceni Museum.

He said “too many children” grow up devoid of parental affection and care and the long-term consequences to their development are major.

“These children need us today. We owe them a common effort of the relevant institutions, the authorities in charge with the family and child protection, schools, local communities and civil society so that they shouldn’t be affected in the long term. I believe in the importance of some support networks, with persons outside the family – teachers, social workers, school advisers, psychologists – to take over some of the parents’ duties in the area of school performance, to motivate and encourage children and make sure they are fully integrated. Moreover, the permanent communication between the school and the parent that remains in the country is essential,” Iohannis said, according to Agerpres.

The head of state underscored that in the long run, reducing and stopping this phenomenon is closely linked with investment in healthcare and education, economic development and “all those measures that can make Romanians stay or come back to their home country.”

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