Oprea: I am not guilty; I will continue my job with Gov’t. Timeliness of resignation depends on truth, law

National leader of the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) Gabriel Oprea, deputy prime minister and interior minister, says that he will continue his job with the Government, arguing that ”resignation at this level of responsibility and, implicitly, taking the blame where there is none cannot be political coins or media artifices.”

”At the meeting this evening [with President Iohannis at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace], President Iohannis indeed advised me to consider pulling out of the Government for the communication management of the past days. I believe that the implications of the statement are not organisational, but purely political. The piece of advice from President Iohannis can be seen in the context of the options frequently voiced by him regarding the political colour of the Government. Nevertheless, I believe that the timeliness of a resignation always has to do with truth and law, irrespective of circumstances. There is currently a criminal probe underway, and the most important thing to me, my colleagues in the ministry, the family of [deceased police officer] Bogdan Gigina is for the truth to come out,” Oprea said in a press statement released to Agerpres on Monday.

Oprea mentioned that he will be consistent in securing the political stability of the Government of which he is a member and his position was reported to the President.

Oprea also said he assured Iohannis that their institutional relationship will continue, meaning that the UNPR will continue support for the President’s national security projects, and do the same for the Government headed by Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

”Resignation at this level of responsibility and, implicitly, taking the blame where there is none cannot be political coins or media artifices. When there is the rule of law, observing the law is more important than political games or image gains, and I will always adhere to the law. Consequently, as far as I am concerned, things are clear: I am not guilty and that is why I will continue to work with the Government. I informed Mr President and I am hereby informing the public opinion as well about my consistent attitude of securing the political stability of the Government of which I am a member, and of keeping my word. I can assure President Klaus Iohannis that our institutional relationship will continue within normal limits, that the UNPR will continue the support for the national security projects of Romania’s President, the same as it will continue to support the Government headed by Victor Ponta. Besides the public emotion, I believe statesmen are obligated to listen to reason first and always refer to the law,” Oprea concluded the statement.

President Klaus Iohannis on Monday evening said he had a conversation with Deputy PM Gabriel Oprea about the accident that left one police officer dead in the line of duty as part of Oprea’s official motorcade, saying that he advises him to step down. He said his advice to Gabriel Oprea is the result of a poor management of the crisis that followed the accident.

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