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March 29, 2023

President approves criminal prosecution for early post-Communist ministers in 1990 miners’ anti-demonstrators attack

President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday signed the request for the initiation of criminal prosecution against Petre Roman (photo), Victor Stanculescu and Gelu-Voican Voiculescu in connection with the ongoing investigation into the events of 1990, when miners violently dispelled an anti-government protest.

Targeted by the investigation are Petre Roman, former Prime Minister between December 26, 1989 – September 26, 1991; Gelu-Voican Voiculescu, a deputy Premier between December 28, 1989 – June 28, 1990; and Victor Atanase Stanculescu, who served as Minister of National Defence between February 16, 1990 – April 1991. According to the Presidential Administration, the request was referred to Minister of Justice Robert Cazanciuc.

The General Prosecution Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice was also informed about the moves initiated by the Prosecutor General.

The military prosecutors instructed the change of the legal classification of the case and the continuation of the criminal prosecution for crimes against humanity consisting of the violent repression of the protest in University Square in the morning of June 13, 1990, in which four were killed, another three suffered gunshots and 1,000 people were injured and deprived of liberty.

“The persons against whom the criminal prosecution was ordered for crimes against humanity as per Article 439, paragraphs (a), (g) and (j) of the Criminal Code, and who at the time of the events had top positions in the state’s civil and military structures as well as in economic units, will be heard in the next period,” the General Prosecution announced.

Indicted in the same case were former President Ion Iliescu, former director of the Romanian Intelligence Service Virgil Magureanu, retired admiral Emil “Cico” Dumitrescu, former vice-president of the Provisional Council for National Unity Cazimir Ionescu, former leader of the Jiu Valley miners Miron Cozma, and former head of the military prosecution offices Mugurel Florescu.

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