President Klaus Iohannis to meet PM Ponta after Gov’t meeting

President Klaus Iohannis will meet Prime Minister Victor Ponta at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace on Tuesday, after the Government sitting.

According to political sources, the meeting will take place around 15:30hrs, EET.

The head of state announced on Monday at a press conference that he invited the PM for talks.

“Yes, we had a phone conversation and I invited him for talks tomorrow,” the head of state said at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace on Monday, asked if he discussed with Ponta after he came back from Brussels.

He said the relation with the Government is a “complex institutional” relation, as he asked Ponta to resign and advised Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea to do the same.

In his turn, Prime Minister Victor Ponta told a TV show on Monday that he will go to the Cotroceni Presidential Palace on Tuesday to discuss with President Klaus Iohannis the refugee topic, explaining that under Article 102 of the Constitution, he didn’t need a mandate to discuss with his Bulgarian and Serbian counterparts in Sofia on Saturday.

“I am definitely going [to the Cotroceni Palace]. He should have invited me beforehand. (…) I am always open to collaboration. I am ready to show Mr Iohannis all the respect Mr Iohannis shows me,” the head of Government said.

At the same time, referring to the President’s advice to resign addressed to Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea, following the death in a motorcycle accident of a policeman in Oprea’s official motorcade, Ponta replied: “What would you think of me calling Mr Dan Mihalache tomorrow and advising him to resign? (…) Mr Mihalache would probably tell me what Mr Oprea told Mr Iohannis: “Thank you for the advice, but I won’t resign!”

In the trilateral meeting in Sofia with the counterparts of Bulgaria and Serbia, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said that if there are countries closing their borders and building fences, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, in their turn, have the right to protect themselves, “but this is not a good solution.” The Romanian Prime Minister underscored that the optimal solution is a common action of Europe as a whole in the migration issue.

Subsequently, President Klaus Iohannis said Prime Minister Ponta hadn’t consulted him about the trilateral meeting in Sofia and that the PM had no mandate to engage Romania in any kind through the statements made there.

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