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February 4, 2023

Bogdan Aurescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs: Romania and the Czech Republic have regained and consolidated their well-deserved places among the European democracies

The National Day of the Czech Republic, celebrated on the 28th of October, offers me the opportunity to extend my heartfelt congratulations and most sincere wishes of happiness and prosperity to the Czech people.

Throughout history, our countries have faced common major challenges on their development path. The last century witnessed significant moments for the Romanian-Czech ties. Romania’s important contribution to the liberation of the Czech lands in 1945 and later, in 1968, its opposition to the invasion of Czechoslovakia are just two of the examples defining the special and profound friendship between our peoples.

Today, as a result of more than 25 years of major political, economic and social transformations, Romania and the Czech Republic have regained and consolidated their well-deserved places among the European democracies, clearly validated by their joint NATO and EU memberships. The serious and various challenges stemming from the security risks in Eastern Europe, as well as from the alarming developments of the crises in the Middle East, reflect the urgent need for strengthening European security – a top priority pursued by both our countries. At the same time, Romania and the Czech Republic are responsibly involved in the efforts to deepen the European integration project and to firmly contribute to the European Union’s economic stability and growth. Our countries enjoy today an intense political and diplomatic dialogue fuelled by our shared democratic values, as well as our similar views and approaches on a wide range of European and international issues. Furthermore, the bilateral economic links have been on a steadily growing path in the last years and their perspectives remain positive.

Not least, the communities of Romanians living in the Czech Republic and Czechs living in Romania add a special value to our bilateral relation. Through their everyday life and work, as well as through the attachment to their identity values, these communities genuinely contribute to the economic development and cultural enrichment of the societies they live in, thus fully deserving our appreciation and support.

I am confident that on a bilateral level Romania and the Czech Republic will carry on this ascending trend, enjoying very favourable prerequisites and diverse opportunities. On behalf of the Romanian government I would like to express our commitment to continue the outstanding cooperation with our Czech partners for the mutual benefit of our countries and our peoples.

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