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June 26, 2022

Deputies oppose Elena Udrea’s arrest, but accept detention : ‘Be convinced that your turn will come’

Former Minister Elena Udrea may be detained, but not arrested, the MPs decided on Wednesday as the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies debated and voted on the justice requests of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA).

Prosecutors can detain a suspect for 24 hours, pending a court decision on preventive arrest for a maximum of 30 days.

After a mixup happening in premiere when the votes were counted, because of balls found in excess or shortage in the two voting sessions, the vote was validated.

After protracted controversies on the procedure, the vote for the detention was counted as 123 to 119, and the vote on the arrest as 155 to 106, with 122 votes (majority of attending deputies) necessary for the approval.

The first topic on the agenda was the request of the Prosecutor General for the prosecution of ex-Development and Tourism Minister, followed by the request of the minister of justice, accompanied by the request of the Prosecutor’s Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice for the approval of the detention and preventive arrest of MP Elena Udrea.

Elena Udrea supported her point of view in front of her colleagues. After saying on Tuesday that she would tell the MPs ‘the things they need to know’, and hear and that she would not ask anything from them, and they should vote as they find best, the MP did not make the promised disclosures.

‘As for the fact that the case starts from the denunciation by the now famous Mrs. Topoliceanu, this is an opportunity for me to say that the way in which denunciators are treated by the prosecutors today under the new Criminal Code, the fact that they say free and even with the stolen money where applicable (…) gives us the opportunity to see not just the unbelievable delations, but also the incredible moral filth of the society’, Elena Udrea said.

‘I would have perhaps spared you this moment if the prosecutor had heard me before requesting you to approve my arrest because, unlike the other two cases, I do know things about these latest charges and I will disclose them when they ask me’, Udrea pointed out.

Addressing the deputies, Udrea said their turn will also come no mater how much they partner with the system.
Dear colleagues from the power or from the opposition, no matter how much you think you are partnering with the system, be convinced that your turn will also come, the time when accusations against you will explode as it’s now happening to me (…). When you are no longer useful to the system to grab the government, too, you will have to choose: either go home willingly or go to prison’, said the People’s Movement MP.

‘But only those whom he system likes will come, who are ready to execute orders and let the system run things for them’, added the ex-minister.
The MP also said DNA ‘interferes with politics, sacrificing the image of Romania’, bringing up the case where PM Victor Ponta is on trial and saying that they are trying to unseat the Government ‘using prosecutors’.

She added that the opposition, who has the right to wish to have the government, especially after winning the presidential election, should not accept the power ‘though such manoeuvring’, because once the democratic game has been destroyed, this time for their benefit, ‘tomorrow it will happen the same when the system considers that they are not obedient enough and that they must go’.

The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) has asked the minister of justice to ask the Chamber of Deputies to approve prosecution, detention and preventive arrest for the MP Elena Udrea, in a new case where the charges are bribe-taking, influence peddling and money laundering, instigation to abuse of office and misrepresentation in declarations.
The MP has been on probation awaiting trial since 16 June, when the High Court replaced her house arrest order. Udrea had been on house arrest from 7 May to 16 June. From 25 February to 30 April, Udrea had been under arrest.
On 21 April, Elena Udrea was brought to trial in the ‘Gala Bute’ case and is being probed into regarding the ‘Microsoft’ case.

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