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September 20, 2021

Martin Zmelik , Country Manager and CEO of CEZ Romania: In the past 10 years, CEZ Group in Romania proved that energy comes from people

On an emerging market like the energy one that is continuously developing and going through a transformation process, CEZ Group in Romania managed to successfully carry on with their activity for more than a decade.

The key to success of CEZ Group in Romania is a business philosophy that targeted, even from the beginning, a long-term partnership. Therefore, the company has been continuously investing in a two-way communication with costumers, in order to identify and understand their expectations, their own goals and development plans. Throughout these 10 years in Romania, CEZ implemented and continued to develop customized packages for the customer. Even this autumn, CEZ released five new energy products for non-residential customers.

At the core of CEZ Group in Romania concerns lies also the growth of quality and comfort of the services offered to customers, in line with optimization processes. In order to strengthen this directive, in the last decade, CEZ invested about 1.7 billion lei in the grid. The effect of this investment effort has been translated into upgrading of 26% of energy grids, being known the poor conditions in which they were taken in 2005.
Investments continue also in 2015, the total value of investments planned by CEZ Distributie is of 161,965.83 thousand lei. The main objectives of the investments programme in 2015 are:
 Improving the indicators of energy quality distributed the energy grid of CEZ Distributie (SAIDI / SAIFI, improving the tension level);
 Increasing the energy efficiency of energy grids by reducing technical losses in energy grids;
 Implementing measurement systems and smart energy metering that leads to improving customer awareness regarding the consumption and effective consumption management;
 Implementing GIS (Geographic Information System) system aimed to optimize CEZ Distributie’s management of energetic and non-energetic assets and operational costs.

It’s also worth mentioning that CEZ Group in Romania still remains the largest investor in renewable energy that supported Romania to occupy a place on the map of the renewable investments in Europe with the largest on-shore wind farm worth 1.1 billion euros. CEZ’ renewable portfolio includes also 4 micro hydro-power plants and the afferent hydro-energetic facilities close to Resita of approximately 22 MW total installed capacity after the refurbishment process.

CEZ focuses on consolidating the current portfolio, and on projects that target innovation in the energy field. As we speak, CEZ has already installed a charging station which is currently the only charging station for electric and hybrid cars in Pitesti. In this phase, they are testing and analysing the charging capacity and the autonomy of cars. Next step is to set the functioning schedule and some basic rules of access. The same process will be available also in Craiova, where a new headquarter is being built. In the upcoming months, CEZ will purchase two different types of electric cars that will be available for its employees’ transportation. CEZ aims to send a positive message to the community and by small actions along with other responsible citizens to be able to contribute to a better future for the generations to come.
Energy efficiency and storing energy are also important areas for CEZ Group in Romania. By the end of the year, there will be implement two energy efficiency projects in the area where they operate. Also they are in an early stage of collaboration with General Electric, Abengoa and ARM based on research and development in the energy efficiency and energy storage domain.

Since entering the Romanian market, CEZ has concentrated its efforts also towards corporate social responsibility projects in partnership with non-governmental organizations or local institutions and involved the employees in volunteering actions. Under the “Energie pentru Bine” (Energy for Well Being) platform there were implemented projects in education, culture, infrastructure, sport, health and environment, during their 10 years of existence, the total amount invested in social responsibility actions being around 5 million euros.

Some of their projects have already become a tradition in the communities where they operate. CEZ supports cultural events and community development, sponsorships for medical units in Craiova, Drobeta Turnu Severin and Cogealac and many others. The best example still remains “Maratonul Olteniei” (Oltenia’s Marathon). This year, CEZ gathered more than 430 cyclists and runners from all over the country that enjoyed open air activities and also contributed to a social cause. All the money collected from the entrance fee, over 10,000 euros were donated to the Department of Neonatology of Valcea County Emergency Hospital.

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