The fatal accident of the political class

It is hard to believe that, after almost two decades of making politics at all levels and after four Governments in which he managed to impose his presence and veto in an unmistakable and indispensable manner, Gabriel Oprea will disappear from the table and from the photos of today’s leaders just because a case of bad luck, an unfortunate accident occurred to a police officer from the convoy accompanying him on the evening of October 20 turned into an accusatory finger of destiny.

The present situation of General Oprea becomes all the more strange and questionable as, until the evening of the unfortunate event, nobody dared in any way to make any comment about Gabriel Oprea or any objection related to the activity and personality of the famous and omnipresent General, Minister and Prime Minister.

And I do not refer here to the fact that, in a tabloid manner, everyone and everything in the sphere of politics is a subject for gossip, as this is a specific quality of Romanians who adore behind the scenes plots and conspiration theories as long as there is room for commenting and dishing the dirt.

In the present case, that of Vice-Premier and Minister Oprea, we are talking about a highly peculiar situation.

Very far from being one of the most luminous, beloved, understood or accepted political characters we have grown accustomed to for so many years, Gabriel Oprea has created a political model that was highly simplistic and monotonous in his message and attitude but, most of all, related to his presence in all political combinations.

Turned overnight into the leader of a political group with an identity and a purpose that are as ambiguous as the group is omnipresent in almost any circumstantial political arrangement targetting the political power in the last few years, close friend of all the other political and party leaders, with an impressive ascension in state hierarchies and and in one of the most important structures of the state – the army – Gabriel Oprea gained, besides a huge decision reaching influence inside of the political class he has belonged and belongs to, but also an almost complete political immunity.

No earlier than a week ago, Liviu Dragnea conferred Gabriel Oprea the title of “serious person”, thus eliminating and enforcing all doubts and all questions that might have existed on the untouchable, much too serious and good-for-all-political-matters Gabriel Oprea.

And then, what did actually happen in an interval of only one week? What mechanism and what threads of the mechanism were brutally twisted and invisibly cut so that, from the image of the political god Gabriel Oprea has been until the evening of October 20 to radically change in this storm, in this hurricane that took all out of the sudden over the grandiose and irreproachable “serious person” and UNPR leader?!

Does this actually resemble that story of announced death? A death that, despite of being so horrendous and unexpected, when we are talking about the young policeman, was just the signal, the start of political death, definitive deletion and final transformation of the UNPR leader into something else?

Or was it perhaps that the signs of this death, this physical disappearance and image dissolution affecting Oprea have been everywhere, long before anyone could decipher their true message and logical thread, ever since the moments he has become, for a few weeks, a factotum of the Ponta Government (and more), a tool of command and action between Palaces Palatul Victoria and Cotroceni.

Perhaps all of the signs of imminent end were present ever since the partners and brothers of the Government coalition he belonged to started repositioning themselves and prepare so obviously their detachments and separations from the Government arch, as a preamble to the political rebranding and reorganization intended for 2016, that do not include the eternal connection maker and negotiator from UNPR.

Perhaps the political fate and destiny of UNPR and of its leader were decided and negotiated a long time ago, far from the eyes of the public opinion and of visible media games, at the shelter of the political curtain brutally falling down now on his entire official political career and on the statue fallen from its pedestal due to the annihilating impact of Bogdan Gigina’s death. It is the end of a man who has been and is desperately clinging to his position as the man and leader of national interest.

Perhaps the praises and the embrace by the ambitious and always surprising new leader of PSD were actually Judas’ malefic last kiss on the General’s cheeks and on the seal of destiny that was about to come for Oprea.

Perhaps there were all of these and something General, Minister and Vice-Premier Oprea never knew existed and never saw coming with his personal help until the horrifying and cursed moment a man, a police officer of his personal escort convoy fell in a hole with a 200-kilogram bolide above, and the human Gabriel Oprea was absent from the being of the politician seated on the pillows arranged in the back seat of the official car, so that he could live up to the fatal calculations of the people who had always counted on the absence of the human Oprea from the political being of Vice-Premier, leader and Minister Oprea.

Only one conclusion may be drawn of all of these. That power becomes a drug. A dangerous drug, devastating for a mind that never contained a conscience that could properly and reasonably quantify the way power should be managed.

Moreover, when you hold power, and you are only surrounded by people attempting to please you and to bow to you and individuals chanting praises to you, and silence is so burdensome in the area of criticism from all the people you share the power with, you should gain your lucidity and wonder: what do they want to happen to me?

Because the Oprea phenomenon is neither accidental, nor arbitrary. It is the end of a political class and mentality exceeded by a present that positions in the past all this unity of power that has governed Romania for the last quarter of a century and isolates it definitively through self-elimination.

Because, finally, a tragic accident cannot be and is not the spark that would dynamite definitively the entire political frame stand of the last few years.

Gabriel Oprea was not betrayed by a man and by his death, but by an attitude and a mentality that turned the entire political class into an antagonistic being, defying any logic of democratic common sense and of fundamental notions arising from it.

And the fact that an entire political class, an accumulation of generations leading Romania for many years has generated and escalated the mountain of power in the absence of all rules except for their personal benefit and individual or group interests is actually the deadly accident that has brought the end of the present political power in Romania.

Therefore, one definitively cancels the possibility of imagining an even more horrendous scenario than the one in which Gabriel Oprea’s elimination from the political scene by occult forces behind him sums up the answer to the tragedy on October 20.

It means that nothing is wasted, everything is just changing, and in politics, transformation is based on the same pattern of essence, it is just exterior forms that change their image and names.

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