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February 4, 2023

Ion Tiriac called by ex-President Traian Basescu to ‘cry together’

Businessman Ion Tiriac on Tuesday recounted a telephone conversation he had with ex-President Traian Basescu. He said Basescu had called him one night to talk about the fact that Mercedes were moving from Romania to Hungary.
‘My secretary tells me one night that the president was on the phone. I assumed it was Octavian Morariu from COSR, but no, she said, it is the president. I answer and I hear: Ion, as he would call me, I am calling you to cry together. Why did Mercedes leave Romania? It’s Tariceanu’s fault! I told him I had visited Mercedes with Tariceanu twice and that it was not his fault’, Tiriac said on Realitatea TV.
The episode he related happened in 2008, when Mercedes decided to open an automotive plant not in Romania, but in neighbouring Hungary.

‘How can a person die in a hole in 2015?’

Ion Tiriac defended Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea in the scandal regarding the death of the traffic policeman in the minister’s official convoy. The businessman says responsible for the tragedy are those who did not sign the roadwork as they should have.
‘How can a person die in a hole in 2015? We are in Bucharest, a city of 4 million inhabitants. There are laws. How many metres ahead should the hole have been signalled? I understand it was raining, shouldn’t there have been light signals as well?’ said Tiriac at Realitatea TV.
He went on by saying that Gabriel Oprea was perfectly entitled to have an official convoy and police escort, which happens in other civilised countries.
‘The minister of interior is more guarded than the premier or the president in other countries, I don’t know what it’s like here’, the businessman said.

‘A new wave of immigrants, ten times bigger, will hit’

The businessman made a surprising proposal regarding the crisis of immigrants flooding into Europe.
‘They are starting to come. Anyway, it is not the decision of Brussels, of Mrs. Merkel’s. It is Romanians’ decision. We have where, we can! Let’s give up 10% of our EUR 500 average salary to welcome 500, 1,000, 100,000, which is the first wave. In my book, a new wave of immigrants, ten times bigger, will hit’, Tiriac also said on Realitatea TV.
‘Let’s see how we can deal with the problem of our own immigrants. Let’s see how we can bring them back. All the good professionals who have left, all those people who labour to exhaustion for 600 – 700 euro. Let’s see how we can find 4 billion to give them jobs’, said Tiriac.
Going back to the crisis of immigrants from Syria, Ion Tiriac suggested the Americans are to blame because they ‘opened Iraq to terrorism’ and the same thing happened in the other conflict countries.
In the same interview, Tiriac said the traditional hunting he organises on his estate at Balc every year helps Romania. The magnate said the businessmen he invites over for hunting invest important sums in this country and create thousands of jobs.
‘Many of the people I invite came back to Romania to invest’, he noted.

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