Geoana sues Basescu for stealing his party symbol

Mircea Geoana is suing ex-President Traian Basescu for stealing his party symbol. More exactly, the Social Romanian Party is challenging in the Bucharest Tribunal the use by Traian Basescu in the new symbol of the People’s Movement Party, the symbol of P.S.RO, which is prohibited by the Law of Political Parties. .

The Social Romanian Party claims its symbol has been plagiarized, although the People’s Movement registered its symbol with OSIM on 15 October and also obtained a validation.

The Social Romanian Party has a final and irrevocable decision from the Bucharest Tribunal confirming that the permanent proprietary symbol of our political party is a heart and the coat of arms of the country. With this symbol, P.S.RO is in the register of political parties and there is no legal ground for anyone to challenge its authenticity.

Traian Basescu, on the other hand, cannot claim the same thing, as he, within days of taking over as head of the People’s Movement, managed to commit his first plagiarism as the chief of the party, using the symbol of the Social Romanian Party, the heart, in the sign of his own party’, P.S.RO says.

According to the Social Romanian Party, ‘the fact that Traian Basescu is trying with this unorthodox method to mislead the electorate, especially knowing the he ballots the citizens will stamp are in black and white, which makes confusion even more likely, is exactly the reality that he has decided to give up on the former symbol of the People’s Movement Party’.

‘Knowing the election is coming, the resort to this trick is, to Traian Basescu, the quickest way to grabbing undeserved votes, forgetting about morality and regarding the fairness towards the electorate as unimportant. All that matters is to obtain as many stamps on the plagiarized sign as possible’, the party officials explain.

According to article 5, paragraph 1 of the Law of political parties no. 14/2003, republished on 10 June 2015, ‘every party must have an integral name, abbreviated name and its own permanent symbol. The integral name, the abbreviated name and the permanent symbol must be clearly distinct to the ones of previously registered political parties. It is forbidden to use the same graphic symbols, regardless of the geometric shape they are framed in’.

This is the law article broke by Traian Basescu, based on which the Social Romanian Party is making its contestation which it will file with the Bucharest Tribunal.

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