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May 26, 2020

Integrated auto services: New Kopel Group

New Kopel Group, one of the most important actors on the auto market in the Bucharest-Ilfov region offers integrated services for corporate as well as non-corporate clients, its portfolio including operational leasing, auto rental, sales of new and second-hand cars as well as car repair services.

The company, owned by Shlomo Group, entered the local market in 2005, being the first local supplier of integrated operational leasing and rent-a-car services. New Kopel Group stands out on the local automotive retail scene through its integrated approach and the complementarity of services offered, offering complete solutions for both corporate and non-corporate clients. This approach is effected in the “Always Yes” philosophy which in business terms means being close to the client in order to get to know his needs and to offer customized solutions.

At local level the Group owns four main divisions, SIXT Operational Leasing being the first one launched as early as 2005. Operational leasing services continue to be, 10 years since its launch in Romania, the Group’s main line of activity, being set up on the basis of the model applied in the Group’s country of origin: adaptable and flexible services.

New Kopel Group’s second pillar is the SIXT car rental franchise. Sixt Rent a Car currently has 15 car rental offices nationwide, with good local coverage. Situated in important hubs all over the country, most of the offices are located within airports in Arad, Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Suceava, Timisoara etc. Having a dedicated line for corporate rentals, Sixt also focuses on the needs of non-corporate clients, being the first company of its kind that rented out auto vehicles for a minimum tariff of EUR 9.9 per day, plus VAT, making this service accessible for most consumers.

Always on the lookout for innovative solutions for its clients, New Kopel Group introduced the Black Friday concept in the auto industry in 2012, through its Union Motors division, an Opel dealership. The advantageous offers and the quality of the services offered by its employees made Union Motors the biggest Opel dealership at national level in 2014.
The activity of the Opel dealership is supplemented by the SIXT SH division, one of the biggest second-hand car dealerships in Romania. SIXT SH’s trump card consists of the quality of the second-hand auto vehicles it sells, the vehicles having a maximum age of 3 years and coming with the biggest warranty offered at national level: 30,000 km or 2-year warranty after purchase.

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