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May 17, 2022

PSD imposes Code of Conduct, party members facing criminal charges to be dismissed from the Government

The Social Democrat Party (PSD) has conceived a Code of Conduct destined to reform the party. Social Democrats under criminal inquiry or sued for corruption will be dismissed from the Government. Moreover, convicts cannot run or be appointed in management position in the party. The Code of Conduct will be adopted on Friday by the PSD National Executive Committee (CExN).
The Code of Conduct stipulates that PSD members accused in various files of corruption or severe offences against life or liberty of persons rightfully lose, at the time legal action is initiated, their positions as members of the Government or leading members of the Romanian Parliament, depending on the case.
Another rule stipulates that the party member who has suffered definitive criminal convictions, has conducted illegal economical activities proved by criminal sentences, without any rehabilitation afterwards, or has collaborated with the political police of the former Securitate is not eligible for leading positions in party structures, nor for public positions or dignities at central or local level, Antena 3 announces.

Other rules:

Article no. 11: Churches and schools cannot be used as forums for electoral propaganda.

Article no. 12: PSD members are forbidden to forward outside of the party data or information about political decisions due to be reached, about activities, negotiations, party strategies or eventual internal challenging situations.

Article no. 26: No member of the Parliament who is also member of PSD is allowed to vote against the PSD Government or PSD-supported Government in case of a motion of censure.

Article no. 31: During public statements, appearances in the media or attendances to talk shows members are forbidden to attack other colleagues from PSD or the coalition PSD belongs to, the Prime Minister, members of the Government or the Government in its entirety, as well as Presidents of the Senate or the Chamber of Deputies if they are proposed, supported or appointed by PSD.

Liviu Dragnea: Each candidate must have political project in elections

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman Liviu Dragnea said on Friday, before the PSD’s National Executive Committee meeting, that the meeting will focus on the preparation of the 2016 election, pointing out in context that each candidate will have to come up with a political project to present to the voters.

“Today we shall be discussing some things about the election campaign, candidacies, the deadline by which we must establish the possible candidates, the candidate file, the requirements the candidate must meet, the fact that each candidate will have to have a political project to present in elections, as we won’t seek votes just for our good looks,” Chairman Liviu Dragnea pointed out.

During the meeting, there will also be a first reading of the new conduct code proposed by the leadership of the party.

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