PSD’s Code of Ethics and Conduct, approached in National Executive Committee’s meeting

The Social-Democrats have discussed on Friday in the National Executive Committee (CExN) meeting, in a first reading, the “PSD’s Code of Ethics and Conduct”, a document that settles a set of behavioral rules for the party’s members, no matter if they occupy or not political positions, positions of representation or leadership in the various political and administrative central or local structures.

The ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD) Chairman Liviu Dragnea announced that the document will be adopted at the next CExN meeting.

According to the document, the Social-Democrats wish by this Ethics Code to guarantee the internal competition’s stimulation, but also the promotion in the party’s structures, of the central and local public administration, as well as in Parliament, of the members who show “a recognized professional training and an unchallenged probity.”

Thus, the said Code sets up that the PSD members, in their political, civic activity should promote the following principles: honesty and observance of the Constitution and the laws in force; observance of the fundamental civic rights by condemning intolerance, racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and discriminations; integrity and respect in the political, administrative and professional activity; solidarity and responsibility; transparence and integrity.

The enforcement of the provisions of the Ethics Code is a responsibility “equally individual and collective of the party member and of the party organization,” and as regards the members of the National Standing Bureau (BPN), the violations of the Ethics Code are punishable by the CExN.

PSD’s Dragnea on lawmakers’ vote on Udrea: Set up by party fellows to deflect Justice request

Social Democrat Party (PSD) Chairman Liviu Dragnea said on Friday that the vote cast on Wednesday in Parliament on the anticorruption prosecutors’ requests regarding Elena Udrea’s case was “an action organized by [the former] Democratic Liberal Party” to deflect Justice requests.

“That there was an organized action, I say this very clearly and openly, a set up to reject Justice requests for Udrea’s remand and arrest. There could have been no matter how many urns or seven vote casting rounds, not one. (…) This was an action organized by the PDL, and they definitely found also some allies to join the cause. (…) What they did the other day in Parliament was shameful. It’s a party that uses double language, a hypocritical party, I’m sorry to say this, I refrained a lot, but it’s not right. Either they understand that one cannot go on making politics this way, and then we will have a fair cooperation on the country’s broad scope themes, or they stay anchored in the past, in which case they’ll only cooperate among themselves,” Dragnea said before the sitting of the PSD National Executive Council meeting.

The PSD leader added that he will also raise the subject in the ruling coalition to see if all member parties have “the same way of doing politics.”

“I will want us to have a discussion to see if we all have the same way of doing politics, if we have the same understanding of doing politics because I don’t think this is how things should work,” Dragnea said, according to Agerpres.

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