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June 28, 2022

Basescu, criminally prosecuted in Romanian journalists kidnapped in Iraq file. Former President accuses Prosecutor General of political harassment

Former President Traian Basescu stated on Friday that in his opinion it is unthinkable that a General Prosecutor and a judge can accept the idea that he received money following the rescue mission of Romanian journalists kidnapped in Iraq and stated that the Chief Prosecutor is playing a “political game” in his case.

According to Basescu, the proof is that no one wanted the initiation of criminal prosecution in rem in the case in which the District 5 Court decided to reopen criminal prosecution against him for official misconduct.

“I do not find it normal that in the public space, before making a minimal check, to reopen a case connected to frauds committed during the kidnapping of journalists in Iraq. To me it is unthinkable that a general prosecutor and a judge can accept the idea that the Romanian head of state could appropriate money from the rescue mission of journalists. This reflects the extremely low morality level reached by those launching the suspicions in the public sphere in an official way,” Traian Basescu stated at the Popular Movement (MP) headquarters.

The former President added that he finds inconceivable the thought of taking money from the amount destined for the rescue mission.

Basescu added that the general prosecutor should have noted whether there is evidence in this case. “No one would have stopped them from initiating prosecution in rem, but it is obvious that Mr. Prosecutor General is playing a political game,” the former head of state said.

Basescu did not want to speculate on who might be behind the ‘political game’ but added that the head prosecutor generated a “political harassment” aimed at him “through the great number of cases whose reopening he asked for, including those that had already been finalized by the General Prosecutor’s office.”

The magistrates of the District 5 Court have confirmed the request of the General Prosecutor to reopen criminal prosecution against former president Traian Basescu for official misconduct in the case of the Romanian journalists kidnapped in Iraq.

Moreover, the court noted that the request to open criminal prosecution against Vasile Blaga was devoid of purpose.

The case was opened after Corneliu Vadim Tudor filed a criminal complaint with the Prosecutor General accusing Traian Basescu and Vasile Blaga, president of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) at the time, of having retained a part of the ransom paid by the Romanian state for the release of three journalists kidnapped in Iraq in 2005.

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