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May 26, 2022

Death toll in Colectiv fire may double, Gov’t to set up of special program for the recovery of those injured in Colectiv nightclub fire. Cost per patient from 500,000 to one million euro

Premier Victor Ponta announced on Sunday that by the end of the year he expects from the Health Minister the draft of a medical recovery program for those injured in the Colectiv Club fire.

“We will set up a special program. Costs are not an issue. After they go out of hospital, 2-3 months later, these people need recovery,” the Premier said on Sunday at Victoria Palace.

He added that he found out from the specialists convened at the Government as part of a working group that the treatment of such serious burns is very expensive, that for a single patient the costs range from EUR 500,000 to EUR 1 M for the period of hospitalization.

Ponta also stated that doctors currently have at their disposal all the drugs and resources needed and that if more is needed the Government’s Reserve Fund will be used.

The working group convened at the Victoria Palace consists of Premier Victor Ponta, Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea,

Defence Minister Mircea Dusa, Military Hospital Commander Florentina Ionita Radu, Dr. Ioan Lascar, head of Floreasca Hospital’s Plastic Surgery Ward, Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu and Raed Arafat, head of the Emergency Situations Department.

Raed Arafat, after autopsies: Cause of death established

Interior Ministry Secretary of State Raed Arafat stated on Sunday that the 29 people died from smoke inhalation. Their lifeless bodies then burned in the fire.
“Their families can take their bodies. For many of the dead the cause of death was smoke inhalation. Their bodies burned after their death. Most of the burns are in the upper body region, caused by what fell from the ceiling,” Raed Arafat said.

Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu stated that three patients have been released from University Hospital.

“Provided things remain as they are today, several others will probably be released in the following days, this is good news. Many remain hospitalized in critical condition,” Banicioiu stated at the University Hospital.
According to him, Romanian doctors are able to handle the situation at this moment.
Bănicioiu: 80 – 90 of Colectiv fire victims in critical or severe condition

Between 80 and 90 hospitalised Colectiv fire victims are in critical or severe state, Health Minister Nicolae Baniciou said on Sunday, after the fatality report had already reached 29, counting the death of two people.

‘Yesterday we had 35 still critical patients out of the 146 that were in hospitals. However, the number of critical and severe patients is now close to 80 – 90’, Minister Banicioiu also said at the Floreasca Emergency Hospital. The official also noted that only one patient at the Burns Hospital had not yet been identified.

The minister said news was good from the Floreasca Hospital, as the state of the 15 patients admitted there had not changed.
Asked about the two victims who had died, Banicioiu said: ‘Unfortunately, two more critical patients died Sunday morning’.

Dr. Ioan Lascăr: Total death toll in Colectiv fire may double

The head of the Plastic Surgery Department of Floreasca Hospital, Prof. Ioan Lascar, said, during a Government meeting, that the number of deaths might double. According to him, the survival rate in such cases is normally 50%, Realitatea TV reports.
‘The situation of many victims is severe and the number of deaths may significantly grow, even double’, Prof. Lascar said.

Raed Arafat in turn warned about the possibility that the number of deaths might double. ‘It is possible that the current number of deaths may double, meaning that we may have another 20 deaths. A total of 20 – 30 deaths is a guiding number, it doesn’t mean that it will necessarily happen’, he added.

The statements were made at Victoria Palace on the working group set up by Prime-0Minister Victor Ponta, which includes, apart from the premier, Deputy Prime-Minister Gabriel Oprea, Defence Minister Mircea Dusa, the Commander of the Military Hospital, Florentina Ionita Radu, Prof. Ioan Lascar, Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu and the head of the Emergency Department, Raed Arafat.

‘Two doctors from France, very reputed specialists in treating burns, are coming tomorrow’, Prof, Ioan Lascar also said.

A decision was also made to set up a medical board on Monday, including Minister Banicioiu and Prof. Lascar, who will visit all hospitals to assess the state of the patients and report back to the working group that will meet again, at the Victoria Palace.
‘We will be doing a special treatment and recovery programme until the end of December. The cost per patient is from 500,000 to one million euro’, PM Victor Ponta said.

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