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Unprecedented solidarity after Bucharest tragedy

Several companies, including pharmacies, tourism agencies, hotels in Bucharest and psychologists showed solidarity to the tragedy that occurred on Friday evening in Bucharest and provide free services to the victims of the fire and their relatives.

Besides, hundreds of people awaited in queues on Saturday to donate blood to the victims of the fire in Club Colectiv, in Bucharest and many companies offered help to victims’ families by providing free services: medication, plane tickets, accommodation in Bucharest hotels and free counseling.

Vola.ro provides free plane tickets to relatives of the first and second rank presently outside Romania, who want to return to the country and be by the side of their beloved. Tickets may be requested at telephone number +40214075300 or by email rezervare@vola.ro.

The pharmacy Materna provides huge quantities of Veloderm and Graftygen, substitutes of the epidermis, respectively collagen membrane 100%, top products in the extremely efficient recovery of severe and highly severe burn injuries. In case relative of victims and surgeons were interested, the company provided phone number 0721270590 and email bogdan@farmaciamaterna.ro.

Considering that the products were very expensive, the pharmacy wished to track their use, to make sure they were supplied to patients needing them.

The Psychologists’ College in Romania announced they provide free counseling services. Also, the Psihomedeor Team offers free counseling to victims and their families. Services may be requested at phone number 0742 024642.
Also, the Trauma Treatment Institute offers counseling: the program of six meetings of crisis psychological care is provided for free to victims and their families.

SKAL International Romania offers free accommodation to families who lost some of their beloved in the tragedy on Friday. “We are by the side of mourning families and offer free accommodation to people living outside Bucharest at ibis Bucharest near the North Railway Station, Hotel Novotel, Hotel Ramada Parc, Hotel Cismigiu and Le Boutique Hotel Moxa – Bucharest.”
Uber provides free transportation to blood donors for the victims of the fire: “the free ride will be offered to people departing from Transfusions’ Centre to help them get home safely. We will keep you up to date regarding changes in the offer!”.
“Donate blood for ‪#‎colectiv‬! Let us join forces for people who need help. Introduce the code HELPCOLECTIV in the application, take an Uber to the Transfusions Centre on 2 C. Caracas Street and the ride is free on Saturday and Sunday, during 12 PM – 5 PM.*”
*Only one ride will be free per user and the highest discount value is RON 40. It will only be for rides ending at the mentioned Transfusions Centre and only for donors.”

Medlife offered medical personnel and supplies to treat Colectiv victims.

Over 1,000 persons donated blood for victims of Club Colectiv fire

Over 900 Bucharesters donated blood on Saturday for the victims of the fire at Club Colectiv, and on Sunday morning, there were 200 more donors registered at the Transfusions Centre in Bucharest.
Also, other one hundred persons were waiting in line to enter the Centre and undergo required analyses in order to donate. Dr. Neagu Florianda, Head of the Coordination, Recruitment, Testing and Donation Department of the Centre, declared for Agerpres that, on Saturday, by 5 PM, there were over 900 donors registered in Bucharest.
“Units in the hospitals are ours as well, they are just externalized points in hospitals. They actually perform analyses just like we do, bags are brought over and processed at us, then they are carried to hospitals. They are working points located outside the centre, fixed points that prevent the Transfusions Centre from getting overcrowded”, she explained.

Neagu Florianda mentioned that during Saturday and Sunday, the entire personnel of the Centre worked fulltime. Also, many students at the Medical University came to donate blood and then stayed to counsel donors, as volunteers. “Not all of them came at the time we were alerted, at 1:30 AM, but afterwards, they joined us by their own initiative. We are all here, including volunteers, medical students and students of Bucharest high schools”, she revealed.
She also mentioned that, at the time being, donated blood is being validated and processed and, afterwards, it will be shared in hospitals, according to requirements. The program of the Centre started at 7:30 AM. On Saturday, just like on Sunday, a team of the Benevolent Blood Donors’ Foundation visited the centre and offered everyone present bottles of water, juice, biscuits and bananas. Also, incoming donors were offered counseling because many of them did not know they were supposed to eat and hydrate before they donated blood.

Romanian Patriarchy calls out to demand solidarity after tragedy in Club Colectiv

The Romanian Patriarchy called out to demand solidarity after the tragedy in Club Colectiv and advises believers to pray, give material help and donate blood.

“I was deeply saddened to hear about the tragedy caused by a fire at Club Colectiv in Bucharest in the evening of October 30 to 31, 2015. In these moments of deep pain to families, relatives, friends and acquaintances of the deceased and hospitalized, we address them a fatherly word of compassion and wish them comfort. We are by the side of the ones suffering in hospital beds and pray to God to alleviate their pain and help them recover.

Also, we pray to Our Lord Saviour Jesus Christ, the Crucified and Redeemed one, to help rest in His peace and love the souls of the deceased due to fire and to give power in the souls of the mourning ones. Parishes in Bucharest the young deceased or burn victims belong to are requested to provide spiritual and material help to mourning families and to the families of hospitalized patients. We repeat our appeal for blood donations, to save the lives of people in hospitals. Let us join our prayers with merciful actions for all suffering people!” Patriarch Daniel concludes in his message.

Israeli doctors help victims of nightclub tragedy. Medical team already operating at Bagdasar Hospital

Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu said a team of doctors from Israel would visit several Bucharest hospitals to help the victims in the fire at the Colectiv club Friday night. According to the minister of health, a team is already operating on patients at the Bagdasar Hospital.

‘One of the medical teams are already operating at the Bagdasar Hospital. They will also come to the University Hospital today. They have offered to help. We have very tight relations with the Health Ministry of Israel. This is help we are getting from them based on the very good relationship that we have with their health minister, whom I would like to thank’, the minister of health said.

In addition, he said the Israeli minister of health had not been the only one to offer assistance to the Colectiv fire victims.
‘He is not the only person who has offered helped. Everyone has. The minister from Moldova called earlier, but I told her we really didn’t need anything for the moment. Our doctors can manage the situation. There have been other cases, from France and Germany. We have received such requests from several places’, Minister N. Banicioiu noted.

Israeli doctor: I haven’t seen such a tragedy in my entire career

Doctor Yarom Shoham, who came from Israel in order to help treat the victims of the Colectiv Club fire, stated that he has not seen “such a tragedy’ in his entire career.

“I haven’t seen such a tragedy in my entire career, not like this. (…) As soon as we heard about the incident we offered our help. Our help was needed and that’s why we are here. We arrived last night,” the doctor said, Mediafax informs. He is now helping the doctors at the Bagdasar Hospital.

“In these conditions it is very difficult for me to say what will happen to these patients. I know they are treated very well here, and the hospital’s teams are doing a wonderful job and are working very efficiently around the clock in order to treat these patients and we all hope we will have the best results,” Dr. Shoham stated.

The Israeli doctor came to Bucharest in order to treat the patients at Bagdasar Hospital with NexoBrid, a product that replaces surgery in the case of patients with burns. “We came to offer our help and expertise in the use of NexoBrid, a product that replaces surgery in the case of severe burns. We are experienced using this product and we came to offer NexoBrid and our help in its use. It is used in the hospital right now. It allows the treatment of more patients than would be possible through surgeries. All patients will be treated today, this is the goal, to treat all patients, to decide which of them need surgery or treatment with NexoBrid and to treat them all. It would be impossible to do this only with surgery,” the doctor said.

Referring to the way in which Romanian doctors have tackled the situation, Shoham said that it is very difficult when a large number of patients arrive. “It’s very difficult to say, especially in a situation like this when you have so many patients. There aren’t sufficient teams to treat them because you don’t expect such a catastrophe to take place. Even if there are a very high number of people in hospital, the initial wave in the first day is very difficult, it’s difficult to treat all these patients,” the doctor added.

U.S. Ambassador to Bucharest visits place of tragedy in Bucharest. My wife and I are deeply affected

Sunday morning, the US Ambassador to Bucharest, Hans Klemm, visited the scene of the tragedy in Bucharest where 30 young people died Friday night. The diplomat expressed his sadness about the tragic event and brought a bunch of flowers which he left in front of the Colectiv club in the memory of the victims.

On the occasion of his visit to the place of the tragedy, the US ambassador said he and his wife were deeply affected by the event. At the same time, Hans Klemm presented his condolences to the grieving families.

‘My wife and I are very sad. We are presenting our condolences to the families, relatives, friends and all those who knew all the people who lost their lives Friday night’, said the US ambassador to Bucharest.

Ambassador Hans Klemm reminded of a similar situation in the US several years before, when 100 people perished under very similar conditions.

‘I am very saddened by the tragedy that happened here Friday night. As you know, unfortunately, it is terribly similar to an event that occurred in the United States 12 years ago. More people – 100 – lost their lives in the US then. But the resemblance is scary. The circumstances were very similar. I am affected, my Embassy is affected because so many young Romanians lost their lives Friday night. The Americans remember the events 12 years ago and are terrified by the resemblance of what happened here, in Bucharest, Friday night’, added the ambassador.

In February 2003, 100 were killed and over 200 people were injured in a fire at the Station Warwick club in Rhode Island, USA. The fireworks used by a music band lit up the inflammable foam inside the club.

Avalanche of messages of condolence

The reactions to the Colectiv Club tragedy were not late in coming. European Council President Donald Tusk, King Mihai I, the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkish Premier Ahmet Davutoglu, other heads of state and government, British Ambassador Paul Brummell, the Russian Ambassador, the Interim Premier of Moldova and other Moldovan politicians, Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev, Romanian personalities and stars have offered their condolences to the bereaved families and have expressed their support for the victims of the terrible fire.
The messages of condolences came from everywhere. From local stars to foreign heads of state and the heads of diplomatic missions accredited to Bucharest, people expressed their solidarity with the families of the victims of the fire that left 30 dead and approximately 200 others injured.

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