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September 25, 2022

31 victims of Bucharest nightclub fire died intoxicated. One of the club owners, detained for 24 hours. Meanwhile, pilgrimage to the scene of tragedy continues

On Monday, the third day of mourning, another victim of the ones hospitalised after the fire in the Bucharest club Friday night died, bringing the total number of deaths to 31.

The persons who lost their lives in or because of the fire at the Colectiv nightclub in Bucharest Friday night were intoxicated with smoke and toxic gas, are the coroners’ conclusions after the autopsies conducted these last couple of days.

‘Intoxication with smoke and toxic gas. This is all we’ve got’, coroner Abdo Salem said on Monday.
The surviving victims were all admitted to various Bucharest hospitals: The Burns Hospital – 26 – two critical, 10 severe, 14 stable; the ‘Bagdasar-Arseni’ Hospital: 22 – 5 critical, six on wards, 16 under intensive care; Elias Hospital: 14 – 9 under intensive care; the Military Hospital: 12 – 3 are much better and will be moved to the Burns Department, but 5 continue to be in a very serious condition, one being incubated; ‘Sf Ioan’ Hospital: 8 – six intubated, undergoing surgical treatment, in serious condition, two stable; ‘Dr. Agrippa Ionescu’ SRI Hospital: 6 – an Italian national and a Romanian in severe condition, two Spanish nationals transferred to the ward where they will remain until Thursday, 5 November; two Romanians stable. ‘Grigore Alexandrescu’ Hospital 6 – one intubated critical patient, three in severe condition under intensive care, an 18-year old transferred from the Elias Hospital with 40% burns, breaths well; another adolescent, aged 14-15 brought also from Elias, at least two will undergo surgery this week; ‘Sf. Pantelimon’ Hospital: 5 – three critical, two stable; ‘Gerota’ Hospital: 3 – stable.

One victim who is at the Burns Hospital ahs not yet been identified, Dr. Adrian Stanculea, spokesman for the hospital, informed on Monday. The unidentified patient has his hands carbonised and the doctors are considering amputation. The first information suggests he has no family except for a brother who is based abroad.

Expert committee visits all hospitals to assess assistance to casualties

The committee tasked with coordinating the medical assistance given to the victims of the Colectiv club fire tragedy on Monday visited the “Bagdasar Arseni” Hospital, the Emergency University Hospital, the “Elias” Hospital, the “Floreasca” Emergency Hospital, and the “Grigore Alexandrescu” Children’s hospital.

The committee was set up by Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu following the deadly fire that ripped on Friday evening through the Colectiv club.

Minister Banicioiu accompanied on Monday the committee members to the five hospitals.

The committee members are Secretary of State with the Health Ministry Dorel Sandesc – who is an AIC specialist, Professor Ioan Lascar, head of the Plastic Surgery Clinic of the “Floreasca” Emergency Hospital, Professor Dan Mircea Enescu – manager of the ”Grigore Alexandrescu” Children’s Emergency Hospital, Cristian Nitescu – medical director of the Bucharest Plastic, Reconstruction and Burn Surgery Emergency Hospital.

Queues to donate blood

Hundreds queued Monday morning at the Bucharest Transfusion Centre to give blood for the victims of the Colectiv nightclub tragedy where 30 people perished and 150 sustained injuries.

Since the first hours in the morning people went to the centre, the queue going all he way down to Victoriei Square, after approximately 4,000 people had already given blood over the weekend.
‘The queue went all the way down to Victoriei Square. We will need to set up a fence. Almost 300 were already here the first thing in the morning: athletes, students, people from all social classes and of all ages. From Saturday morning, at 01:30, when we opened the centre until Monday, at 07:30, we already had over 2,000 blood donors in the entire Capital – the Transfusion Centre but also the Floreasca, Fundeni and Municipal Hospitals. On Sunday there were almost 800 people who gave blood, and at the Municipal Hospital – 67, Floreasca Hospital – 43 and Fundeni – 35’, Transfusion Centre head Doina Gosa told Mediafax.

Moldovan authorities send 700 litres of blood to Bucharest

Moldovan authorities sent to Bucharest approximately 700 litres of blood and blood components on Sunday night, with a special vehicle of the Moldovan Service for Civil Protection and Emergency Situations informed via its web page dse.md.

The assistance to the people wounded in the Friday night’s Colectiv Club fire that killed 31 people came from the Moldovan National Centre for Blood Transfusion. Initially, the Moldovan authorities stated they were going to send 2,150 blood products, such as blood components (erythrocytes and freshly frozen plasma), biomedical blood products (albumin) necessary in clinical cases such as burns and fractures, and 550 litres of blood.

The transport bound for Bucharest was accompanied to the Sculeni border crossing by a crew of the Moldovan National Road Patrol Inspectorate and was taken over by Romanian policemen.

Tears and revolt amidst candles

Also on Monday, a few hundred people gathered at the place of the tragedy, bringing flowers and candles and silently expressing their revolt to what had happened. Among the people who observed a moment of silence there was the Turkish Ambassador to Bucharest, O. Koray Ertas, who brought flowers for the victims who died in the fire, according to Agerpres. He was accompanied by the parents of Ayberk Manci, a young Turk, a victim of the fire currently in the Floreasca Hospital.
‘We express our solidarity with the people who are living this tragedy’, said the ambassador, who added that he would ask for the permission from his national authorities, in keeping with the Turkish diplomatic rules, that the Embassy flag should be lowered at half mast.
Ayberk Manci is a Turkish student who was in Romania within the Erasmus programme, Turkey’s Embassy notes.
Artists, athletes and officials also visited the place of the tragedy. One of them was European Commissioner Corina Cretu.
‘Who received the application to issue the permit should answer the question: How can one conduct fireworks displays at the basement of a building? It breaks my heart to see how many lives were lost. My sister works at the University Hospital, there are children hovering between life and death, they are all in shock’, Cretu said.

Foreign embassies in Bucharest fly flags half-staff in memory of Colectiv fire victims

The diplomatic representations of several countries including the United States of America, the Russian Federation, France, the UK and Spain, flew their flags half-staff to mourn the victims of the tragedy occurred on Friday in Bucharest’s Colectiv club.

The Turkish Ambassador announced that, according to Turkish diplomatic rules, he will also request permission in his country to have the flag lowered half-mast.

Several foreign nationals are among the victims of the fire that ripped on Friday the Bucharest Colectiv club. According to media information, they are two Spaniards, one German, one Italian and a Turkish citizen.

Colectiv club associates accused of manslaughter, culpable bodily harm

Alin Anastasescu, Costin Mincu and Paul Gancea, shareholders in the Bucharest Colectiv nightclub, were brought by police officers not wearing uniforms to the Prosecutor’s Office where they had been summoned. The three gave depositions in front of the prosecutors on the events Friday night.
The prosecutors say they are now suspects in a manslaughter and unintentional bodily harm case.

”Today, November 2, 2015, Costin Mincu, Alin George Anastasescu and Paul Gancea (associates at the aforementioned club) were bought in under court warrants to be heard as suspects of manslaughter and culpable bodily harm,” the Prosecutor’s Office with the High Court of Cassation and Justice reported in a press statement released to Agerpres on Monday.

The court also says that in the case related to a devastating fire at Colectiv club of Bucharest City joint teams of police officers, forensic experts and pyrotechnicians continue searches at the site and hearing people to clarify the circumstances of the fire, under the coordination of the Criminal Investigation and Forensic Section with the Supreme Court’s Prosecution Service.

Nightclubs take drastic measures

The Bucharest nightclub tragedy has caused similar establishments to take measures to avoid such unfortunate events in the future.

The Expirat nightclub in Bucharest will close, the owner has informed, also tendering his resignation. ‘Since 2003, we have been putting the lives of thousands of people at risk. Weekend after weekend. And sometimes also on weekdays’, he wrote on a social media website.

The owner of the Rockstadt club in Brasov has also announced that activity would be temporarily suspended until safety requirements are met at European standard.

Prince Charles extremely shocked

Prince Charles of Great Britain says he was extremely shocked by the tragedy that happened at the Colectiv club on Friday and that his prayers and thoughts go to the Romanian people.
“I was utterly appalled to hear of the dreadful tragedy in the Bucharest nightclub on Friday and wanted you to know how deeply I feel for all those Romanians who lost their loved ones in this terrible fire. My heart also goes out to the poor victims who are in hospital and to their families who wait anxiously by their bedsides. My thoughts and special prayers are with you and the Romanian people,” Prince Charles states in a message to President Klaus Iohannis and Prime-Minister Victor Ponta, posted on Facebook on Monday.

Prime-Minister Victor Ponta wants change of legislation on clubs

The Government will discuss, during its meeting on Tuesday, changes of legislation to allow the Emergency Inspectorate (ISU) to close down clubs, bars or restaurants that do not meet safety conditions and to apply fines from RON 50,000 to RON 100,000.
The announcement was made by PM Victor Ponta on Monday. The normative act is currently in the making, the Ministry of Justice and MAI working on the necessary changes of legislation. Ways are also being sought to remove from the applicable laws the possibility of operation permits to be issued based on affidavits.
The weekly Cabinet meeting has been scheduled a day sooner to allow the Executive to grant urgent assistance to the families that lost their children in the Colectiv Club tragedy and to operate certain legislative changes on MAI and ISU’s request.
The Government normally holds the ordinary meeting on Wednesday every week, but, according to specific situations, the PM may call an ordinary or extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet whenever necessary.
Given the fact that Monday was a morning day, the Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies decided that the ‘Prime-Minister’s Hour’ scheduled that day would be moved until the following week when Deputy Prime-Minister Gabriel Oprea will participate instead of PM Victor Ponta.

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