Anti-corruption body indicts MP Udrea, former BRD deputy manager Popa

MP Elena Udrea and former deputy Managing Director of BRD bank Sorin Popa have been indicted by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors in a case involving the extension of a 3.3 million euro credit.

According to a DNA release to Agerpres on Monday, Popa is charged with abuse of office with undue gains for him or another person, while Udrea is charged with being an accomplice.

“Over 2007-2010, Sorin Popa, in his capacity of a deputy managing director of a bank fulfilled his job tasks in ill-will, meaning he granted client Elena Udrea a range of concessions that resulted in damages to the bank. The damages to the bank were the result of the failure to receive the amounts owed from interests or fees and the failure to foreclose on the guarantees at the moment the credit could have been declared mature earlier than due (she actually delayed declaring the credit as a bad one and deprived the bank of the possibility to recoup the claim from foreclosing on the guarantees”, the release explained.

“In accordance with the tasks set in the administration contract, Popa had to coordinate and control the activity of the Private Banking structures (privileged clients) and risk structures, he had as a task the validation and approval of offers to the privileged clients and tasks in granting deviations from the provisions of the bank norm”, the DNA stressed.

The prosecutors explained that Popa allowed taking debtor Udrea’s assets out of the scope of the guarantee contract and on her request he admitted approving a novation contract by which the originally solvent debtor was replaced by an insolvent one, which made the bank unable to recoup its credit.

In Udrea’s case, the investigators found that she had asked Popa to be extended a credit worth 3,280,000 euros under the Private Banking regime without following the usual procedure of the negotiation of the financing conditions with the persons responsible to him.

The prosecutors also found that Udrea made the bank available an over-valued report of the plots on which the mortgage was to be set, she asked for giving up the credit by novation to another person, although she knew that person did not have the possibility to pay the obligations resulting from the credit contract, namely the person did not have the assets required to guarantee the payment of the full loan.

The damages inflicted the bank stand at more than 2.5 million euros consisting of the credit Udrea benefited from and the assets and securities that were taken out of the contract guarantee area and can no longer be foreclosed.

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