Daciana Sarbu, Premier Ponta’s wife, opens coffeehouse

A big fan of traditional products and “clean” foodstuffs, Daciana Sarbu did not limit herself to green agriculture as she once promised. She turned to Bucharest’s high-end market. But closely related to foodstuffs.

MEP Daciana Sarbu, Premier Victor Ponta’s wife, is making the life of Bucharesters sweeter with ingenious cookies, natural tea and imported coffee at her recently opened coffeehouse.

“Mara Mura,” located on Benjamin Franklin no. 5 (close to the Romanian Athenaeum), is a coffeehouse/tea room owned by Daciana Sarbu and one of her friends. A wide selection of tea and coffee but also a lot of refined sweets are available. However, here you can also find dessert with rose, lavender and vanilla filling. The cookies with rose, lavender and vanilla filling can also be ordered to go, and for special events (birthdays, anniversaries) the staff can prepare customized cakes.

The coffeehouse is decorated with wooden furniture, the creation of one of the most fashionable interior designers. The atmosphere is pleasant and the coffeehouse can be the ideal meeting place early in the morning or in the afternoon.
In 2014 and 2015 Daciana Sarbu invested over RON 148,000 in the coffeehouse, a bit of info that is found in her husband’s wealth statement. In the document, Victor Ponta states that his wife loaned RON 65,635 in 2014 and RON 83,000 this year to her company D&C Sweets. Good luck with the venture!

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