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October 30, 2020

Eugen Tomac: People’s Movement targets 20% in parliamentary election

The Executive President of the People’s Movement party has said that, after ex-President Traian Basescu’s enrolment in the party, approximately ‘2,000 – 2,300 new members’ had also joined and that the congress day when Basescu officially took over the leadership of the People’s Movement to him was ‘a dream come true’.

‘I have engaged in this project trusting that, after completing his presidential term, Mr. Basescu would continue in politics and I am happy that it has happened. I worked with the president for ten years when he was in office and it is my honour to be a member of his team. In addition – and this is not a secret to anyone – an important objective for the People’s Movement is also my political objective that I have promoted for ten years, the reunification of the Republic of Moldova and Romania. It ahs become our party’s major political objective and it is clearly a theme that will capture more interest from the other political actors’, Tomac says in an interview offered to ‘Evenimentul Zilei’.

As for the situation of PMP MP Elena Udrea, Eugen Tomac said ‘Romania needed an independent and solid judiciary and we, the People’s Movement, have been trying to be consistent in our approach and, at the beginning of the year, regarding Elena Udrea, we did accommodate the recommendation of the Legal Affairs Committee and I believe that nothing should put a brake on justice in the case of any member of Parliament’. ‘If they ask to prosecute someone, they should be granted that, because the truth can only be established in Court. In the matter of the arrest, we had a different opinion, but even then we did take into account the recommendation of the Committee and voted against the request, it was not a secret’, he also said.

The politician also confessed that, after the first DNA accusations against Elena Udrea, she had come to the party and said she was withdrawing as she did not want to drag the People’s Movement into her issues in any way. ‘From that point on, not only has she not participated in meetings or had any connection with us, but we simply went our separate ways’, he added.
Eugen Tomac also said the people’s Movement had realistic expectations of the parliamentary election and that the intention was to obtain, ‘with an exceptional mobilisation’, about 20%.
;It is not easy, we are not separated from reality, but with a convincing leader and with such an extraordinary political experience as President Traian Basescu’s, we will bring with us a part of the society that is disappointed’, said the executive president of the party.

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