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January 17, 2022

Gov’t: Emergency aids for families of Colectiv club fire victims. Romania, ready to accept assistance offers from hospitals in other countries

The Government on Tuesday decided to grant emergency aids to the families of the persons who died in the fire at Colectiv club.

According to a Government statement to Agerpres, the aid, amounting to 5,000 lei per victim, will be granted to the family of each deceased person.

“The identification of the beneficiaries and the payment of the emergency aid are carried out by the county agencies for payments and social inspection, including the similar agencies of Bucharest, depending on the residence of the families. The aid will be granted based on a request submitted to the agency for payments and social inspection in the applicants’ residence area and an ID copy,” the Government points out.

Moreover, the Government will grant 10,000 lei in aid to the family of a single mother who died in the fire and who was supporting five children aged between 11 and 23, as well as her paralysed father, after her husband died eight years ago.

The beneficiary of the emergency aid will be the oldest daughter Camelia, the only child of age in the family, the Government also informs.

PM: We’ll accept assistance offers from hospitals in other countries

Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced on Tuesday the authorities are ready to accept medical assistance from hospitals in other countries that offered to send doctors or take patients injured in the Colectiv club fire last Friday.

“We will accept, there already are offers of assistance from outside the country, from several hospitals outside the country. Anyone who can help us, it is very well. I ask the Health Ministry to keep in touch with all our friends from outside the country who can send doctors or might take some of the patients. The more effort and the more minds and resources, the better. Do this and I am convinced there are many who will further want to help us, as it has happened these days”, Ponta said in the opening of the Government’s weekly sitting.

The prime minister told Health Minister Nicolae Baniciou to keep him constantly updated “not only on the situation of each patient, but also on the needs of each hospital, so that nothing relating the staff, medicines or necessities should lack even for a single second”.

Government announces decree authorizing fire fighters to shut down leisure establishments

The Government is set to adopt on Tuesday a decree allowing the Emergency Situations Inspectorate (ISU) to shut down immediately any leisure establishment that does not comply with the fire regulations, Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced in the beginning of the Government sitting.

“Today, from the legislative point of view, I want us to modify through an Emergency Ordinance and to clarify the legislative capacity. (…) We are adopting the Emergency Ordinance empowering directly those of the ISU – not the local authorities, not anybody else – to check these establishments where actions are hosted involving many people, to check them from the point of view of the compliance with the conditions of protection to fire and catastrophes, and to take on the spot the measure of shutting them down, sealing them until they meet the requirements,” he stated.

Ponta stressed that special cases require special measures. “On one hand we have irresponsibility and greed of those who carry out commercial operations where many people are involved. On the other hand, we cannot leave harsh measures only to the local authorities, because they lack the capacity of enforcing them,” he asserted.

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