Bucharest District 4 Mayor resigns

Bucharest District 4 Mayor, Cristian Popescu Piedone, has announced on Wednesday that he will resign.

“After all the reactions in the past days, following the emotion and the anger that was totally justified and expressed in the public space in search for the guilty, following yesterday’s protest in the Capital in which thousands of Bucharesters requested my resignation, I had time to reflect and I reached the following conclusion: I resign as mayor of District 4, as a sign of respect towards the victims of the tragedy and I hope that the legislative vacuum and the administrative shortcomings draw the attention of the simplest clerk until the highest legislative forum. Maybe when thousands of people come in the street asking you to leave and other thousands demand the same on social media, it’s better to listen. I assume this moral guilt, as for the legal guilt, I will let the judiciary pronounce”, said the mayor in a press release remitted to Agerpres.

He also expressed his regret towards the tragedy at the Colectiv nightclub, but also for his reactions in the moments after the tragedy.

“I am a father as well and it hurts my soul when I think of the pain of those who now need to bury their children or tremble beside their hospital bed, hoping they will get better. I send my condolences to the grieving families and wish great strength and health to those who are now fighting for their lives. I realise now that it was not the most appropriate moment to speak of paperwork. I confess that the reason for which I did it was not to save my own skin, but a wish to clarify things as fast as possible, to inform the public regarding the paperwork of the firm owning Colectiv nightclub, from the point of view of the District 4 Mayoralty’s responsibilities,” Piedone says.

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