Days of nightmare. Days of panic, shock, terror and sadness. Romania is overwhelmed by an emotional tsunami.

Since the Revolution of 1989, there was no collective emotion of such extent.

And COLECTIV became the symbol of all an entire country, as well as people on various regions of the globe, experienced and felt in the last few days.

The system is shaking and, simultaneously, the entire country is shaking. Consciences are shaken from the roots. The vital centre of the country itself, the one that generates unity and balance, is damaged.

We are stunned to witness a national drama that tends to go adrift to implosion and to another great disaster. The disaster of channeling what emotions may cause in human beings brought to the paroxism of patience, humiliation and fierceness over dozens of years.

It is too much of all and of nothing. Because never did we, Romanians, know how to behave and regain our balance when confronted with a matter of life and death for us as a nation and as a state.

Empathy is mixed with hatred. The wish to support and contribute is entwined with morbid curiosity, with the suffocating presence of the eternal cameras that follow everything just like hungry ravens.

I do not know how many of us remember exactly what happened 26 years ago, just around winter holidays.

No. In those days, nobody had burned alive, no police officer had fallen in a hole in the asphalt and apparently, nothing tragic or premonitory had taken place.

Not yet.

Nonetheless, in those days of gray winter, colder than death, a sea of Romanians flowed in a public square, as Nicolae Ceausescu was holding at a stand the eternal speech of progress, grandiose Socialist achievements, the increase of child grants for the mothers of at least three with RON 100 and the national welfare and happiness the Romanians needed to be grateful for to the much beloved leader and son of the nation.

Then, a handful of individuals who had rested in silence and in a well planned manner for many years spread among Romanians and created a… revolution.

Now, at a distance of over a quarter of a century, a handful of young persons, a couple of hundreds, exited in flames the life of the Romanian nation, spreading among people who had overtaken the power 25 years ago, simultaneously with the smoke, the flames, their blood and life, terror and desperation.

The system is shaking, cracking and sizzling in burning flames launched by another generation that needed to accept human sacrifice so that one more mask, one more burning wound would dislocate and fall off an ugly, disfigured and frightening face of a corrupt, lying, venal and greedy system.

Romania nowadays has reached a critical mass that can only lead to another Revolution.
The Revolution of Romanian consciences exploded during one Friday night, through the only door of a club.

And people who had created this system 25 years ago are still “mourning” what the system meant and means for so much time.

The political class, political parties, political system, everything seems to be just a giant arena of national death, a circus where bread is imbibed with the blood and meat of generations of people who are swarming and whirling for four days.

There is nothing more to say. Things need to be done.

There is nothing more to show. Things need to be seen.

There is nothing more to know. Things need to be felt.

The mourning of a nation cannot be lived per days or per hours.

The mourning of a nation remains in consciences and creates the necessity of outcome to light, to life.

To a different life.

Whom am I supposed to talk about right now? President Iohannis or, perhaps, Victor Ponta?

Why and in what purpose should I do that?

About the corrupt system and the owners of the terrifying slum that swallowed dozens of lives and destinies?

Why and in what purpose should I do that?

About the eternal non-existing Parliament and the eternal and anthropophagous political parties?

Why and in what purpose should I do that?

About that obsequious, dirty, hideous and disgusting media and among people hiding behind each letter or camera, hunchbacked by obedience and hypocrisy towards their political masters?

Why and in what purpose should I do that?

About the unfortunate day of Friday and about the desperation, terror and heartbreak of people who have left us forever and of those left behind?

Yes. This is what we are talking about.

Because COLECTIV is and will remain from now on the accumulation of everything that is wrong in politics and in Romania.

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