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May 8, 2021

PM Victor Ponta files resignation under street pressure: I resist political opponents, but I never fight people

Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced on Wednesday that he has filed his mandate, in the context of the Colectiv Club tragedy and protest on Tuesday evening when in Bucharest alone, about 25,000 people took to the streets and demanded his resignation, but also the resignation of deputy Prime minister Gabriel Oprea and of Bucharest District 4 Mayor Cristian Popescu Piedone.

“I see the legitimate anger that exists in society. People feel the need for more and it would be wrong for me to ignore this. I file my mandate as prime minister and I do this because I resist political opponents, but I never fight people. The suffering and legitimate anger of the people should not degenerate into a political game with unpredictable effects. Aggression is a cost that we must not assume it.I hope that submission of my mandate will satisfy the expectations of those who protested and that we will return to reason and social reasons to solve the problems in Romania,” said Ponta.

“In a climate of disorder is impossible to promote positive projects , and I know to do only positive projects , “said Victor Ponta .

He thanked firefighters and doctors who have done their duty after Colectiv club tragedy . “I thank firefighters and doctors that did their job . I defend them because without such them such tragedies will repeat . It pays off to support them ,” he said .

The resigning Prime Minister noted that jurisdictional responsibility in this case will be determined by justice . ” I hope it will not be revenge , but legal responsibility . If you punish something else other than greed and irresponsibility ,there will be more such tragedies ,” added Ponta .

He mentioned that his Government will continue to act as interim until a new Executive is appointed.

“Until a new Government is formed following talks of the President with the parliamentary parties, we will carry on our daily duties, and as soon as the new government takes office, we can hand down a better economic and social situation than the one we took over. The political procedures will unfold throughout the day,” Ponta told media at the Victoria Palace, the Government seat.

The Prime Minister announced an extraordinary Government sitting at 4pm, where he is going to thank his ministers for helping him and to prepare the transition to the next Executive.

PSD’s Dragnea: Prime minister will resign; coalition meeting at 1pm

Previously, chairman of the main ruling Social Democrat Party Liviu Dragnea has announced that Prime Minister Victor Ponta will submit his resignation and at 1pm a meeting of the coalition will take place to determine the path to follow.

“I had this morning a conversation with Victor Ponta, we have discussed the current situation, of what happened in the past day and what happened last night. We have assumed together some principles in Congress, we have established then that we are making a total break from the past, which means a break with the old model of doing politics. We have established that we are doing politics for the people and doing politics for the people means one cannot be deaf or blind when people are protesting in the street. I understood that some of our partners do not want to take any responsibilities and do not understand that you cannot do politics while isolated from society or from what the people want. If they don’t assume it, the prime minister decided to submit his resignation, because this cannot continue. We will have a meeting in the coalition at 1pm with the prime minister to decide together what is the path to follow,” Dragnea said at the Parliament Palace.

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