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October 23, 2021

Street voice : Over 25,000 march in Bucharest to voice revolt and dissatisfaction that no resignation occurred after 32 deaths

After three days of national mourning and no resignation following the Colectiv Club tragedy that killed 32 and injured over 150, 25,000 people marched for hours in Bucharest on Tuesday evening to voice their dissatisfaction with the political class.

Protesters have chanted slogans, waved tricolour flags and held banners reading “Corruption kills,” “We are the generation who changes history,” “An honest desire – free Romania,” “I kept quiet until yesterday, today I start to scream” and they.

The rally started in University Square and took the people to the Government House, the Parliament Palace, the Ministry of Interior and the Bucharest District 4 Mayoralty where protesters asked for resignations of the Prime Minister Victor Ponta, Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea and Mayor Cristian Popescu Piedone.

The participants in the protest lit candles and prayed for the victims of the Colectiv club tragedy. Part of them have also went to the site of the deadly fire on Friday, in order to pay homage to those who lost their lives there.

On their way, they passed the Patriarchal Cathedral, voicing their revolt towards the Romanian Orthodox Church’s position following the fire.

Protesters announce they will continue demonstrations in the coming days.

President Iohannis: I am impressed by protests, politicians cannot ignore this sentiment of revolt

President Klaus Iohannis has declared himself impressed with the protests on Tuesday and mentions that politicians cannot ignore this sentiment of revolt.

“I am impressed with the protests of this evening. It is a street movement, that comes from the wish of the people to have their condition and dignity respected. I understand that it is requested and expected, justly so, that someone assume political responsibility. The next step of politicians, who cannot ignore this sentiment of revolt,” said Iohannis on Tuesday evening on his Facebook page.

Memorial service for victims of nightclub fire in front of site of tragedy

An assembly of nine priests, led by Marius Cojocaru, parish priest of the Saint Nicolae Brosteni Church, has performed a memorial service in front of the Colectiv nightclub that was the site of a fire last week that left 32 dead and more than 150 injured.

The memorial service also saw the performance of a choir from the Romanian Patriarchate.

The priests mentioned in their prayers and chants both those who have died in the club fire, as well as those who are now undergoing treatment in hospitals.

“Let us not forget those who are now struggling on hospital beds. We will say a prayer for their recovery,” the priests said.

At the site of the tragedy, the priests also brought a triptych to the site of the tragic fire, which was consecrated at the end of the service.

One of the priests in the assembly also emphasized that the youths who go to clubs are not “satanists” and that the place in which they died “will remain, probably, a symbol of freedom of speech.”

“I was young too, I was a student too, I went to a club and I wouldn’t have wanted my life to end there, in such a place. I don’t believe that the youths who have died here have done anything bad, I don’t believe they were satanists, I don’t think they did anything wrong, but I believe firstly that this place was a place where they could sing and freely express themselves. This place will remain, probably, a symbol of freedom of expression, because these youths have managed to say something at the cost of their lives, namely that this country should change and that we all have a duty to change it. God rest their souls and may they live in our memory!” said the priest from the Saint Nicolae Brosteni Parish.

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