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September 28, 2021

Dragnea: PSD doesn’t give up proposing PM. We have options, not party members, but technocrats

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) doesn’t give up on the idea of recommending a prime minister, but the constitutional prerogative of making a nomination to this position belongs to the President, PSD national leader Liviu Dragnea said on Friday.

“PSD doesn’t give up on the idea of recommending a prime minister, it has proposal options, not party members, but technocrats who can manage the Government. Maybe the others have proposals, too, I am certain the President also has proposals. The constitutional prerogative of making a proposal belongs to the President. If he wishes to talk to us before making it public I shall appreciate this gesture, if not, it is his prerogative, in the end,” Dragnea said at the PSD headquarters.

Asked if a national union government led by a technocrat prime minister would be opportune, Dragnea said yes, provided that the parties manage to establish those strategic objectives it should meet.
Dragnea said that a convention of the ruling coalition before the meeting of the Social Democrats with President Iohannis didn’t take place.

“We couldn’t hold a coalition meeting because we went to Cotroceni yesterday [Thursday], they went there today [Friday]. We shall probably manage to have [a meeting] in the coming days. I spoke on the phone with each of them last night, I presented them what I said at Cotroceni and I asked them to take into account that I would be very glad if they supported the same ideas I have, on the grounds that I have publicly presented,” Dragnea said at the PSD headquarters.

Asked why Deputy PM Gabriel Oprea hasn’t resigned from Government same as Victor Ponta has, Dragnea replied: “We have also asked ourselves the same question.”

“It is a question you must ask him. We have also asked ourselves the same question. We haven’t spoken to him, we shall see what he does next,” Dragnea said, according to Agerpres.

PSD Chairman Dragnea says push for early elections is publicity stunt

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea said on Friday that early elections could be organised on April 5, 2016, at the soonest, and that until then the country will be managed by a caretaker government with limited powers.

“I agree that we should have a more balanced, a wiser approach. So you come and say you want early elections. Why? To please the public? I say we need to act responsibly. This country must be kept under control. We have some important strategic partnerships in place with the United States, some economic and financial commitments with important partners, I don’t want to play with words. We are talking about early elections which can be held on, say April 5, at the soonest, under observance of the Constitution,” Dragnea said at the PSD headquarters, underscoring that certain procedures need to be observed.

He added that early elections would mean that until April 5 the government that manages the country’s affairs is the current caretaker government, which only has limited powers and cannot adopt bills or emergency ordinances and cannot present in Parliament a draft budget until April, which would have quite serious consequences both on economic growth, and on European programs.

“If the President and the other political forces come to the conclusion that we must hold early elections and keep this interim government in place until April, we’ll discuss the matter, but I think we must seriously ponder on this,” Dragnea said, explaining that the goals the society presses for can be achieved either with an interim government that temporarily takes over until April, or with a government of wisely chosen technocrats, highly trained people who should start doing things. Dragnea also cautioned that “winter is coming, a winter that might be very difficult for Romania, and is a time when a lot of decisions need to be taken. The consequence of a caretaker government can be the lack of involvement of many institutions and can result in a lack of involvement of many of those who work with the respective institutions, because of instability at the top of government.”

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