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October 31, 2020

Interim PM Cimpeanu visits Colectiv fire survivors at Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital: Eight wounded to be transported to Netherlands, another eight selected for treatment in Belgium

Interim Prime Minister Sorin Cimpeanu has announced on Friday that eight of the wounded in the Colectiv club fire will be transported on Saturday by military plane to the Netherlands.

“An availability for support came from countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Germany, France and there are discussions with the United Kingdom. Tomorrow morning, very early, a military plane with eight patients, most probably, will depart for the Netherlands. There is the possibility that tomorrow afternoon, following the patient analysis and selection that the doctors in the respective countries will make, another eight be selected for treatment in Belgium,” Cimpeanu said, mentioning that the selection of patients for abroad is made by a “mixed team of specialists from the respective country which offered its support together with specialists from Romania.”

The interim Prime Minister added that, in the Wednesday cabinet meeting, the Government will approve all funding necessary for treatment of the injured abroad.

“On Wednesday we will have a Government meeting in which we will approve the reimbursement of treatment costs for those cases which will be treated abroad. (…) In the Government Reserve Fund two days ago there were 1,145 million lei, the equivalent of over 250 million euro. The costs can be either reimbursed from the Government Reserve Fund in full, or through the National Insurance House, the main part, and the co-payment be insured from the Government Reserve Fund. If we have a number of 84 patients in grave condition, there is a series of preliminary estimates, they are underway, I wouldn’t want to anticipate too much, but I can say that it is a sum that can reach, on average, between 100,000 and 150,000 euro per person. Multiplying the maximum number with the maximum sum, it is a budgetary effort of around 13-15 million euro,” Sorin Cimpeanu explained, at the end of a visit conducted to the Grigore Alexandrescu Children’s Hospital.

He mentioned that the Romanian healthcare system there is both “the competence and the medical availability to cover these situations, which through their magnitude are of a nature to pose problems on any medical system in Europe, at least.”

Cimpeanu, impressed by the courage of the young people injured in the fire: A delicate, difficult moment

Cimpeanu says he is impressed by the courage of the young people who were injured in the last Friday’s fire at Colectiv nightclub and recovering at the Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital of Bucharest City, adding that his conversation with them was a delicate and difficult moment.

“I have noticed the care and professionalism displayed in caring for the seven young survivors at the Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital, three of whom are in the ward, three at the ICU and a seventh at the Toxicology Department with internal burns that are not in some serious stage. I have noticed that I could talk with six of the seven young people and I confess that I am impressed by the courage and overall approach of them, and I am convinced they will get better in no time, despite their critical state of health, particularly of two of them. (…) They also told me the grade they got at high school entrance examination, what class and what high schools they attend. They also told me their birth dates. The youngest of them, aged 14, turned 14 right on the ominous day. Very impressing! He told us how his friend, who is in the most serious state of health, brought him to the club to surprise him, felt responsible and returned to save him. (…) That was a delicate and difficult moment for anyone that would have talked to these kids,” said Cimpeanu at the end of his visit to the Grigore Alexandrescu Children’s Hospital.

He says there are 127 survivors of the Colectiv fire currently being hospitalised. “Unfortunately, besides the 127 patients, there is a risk of some of the discharged survivors returning with disorders of the airways,” added Cimpeanu.

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