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December 7, 2021

Romanians continue to protest in the country and abroad

Romania finds herself in the biggest political, social and moral crisis of the last 26 years. “The Street,” the engine of the changes that occurred over the last week, continues to ask for profound reform, the changing of the way things are being done in Romania and the replacement of people who have managed a disastrous system.

The rallies meant to commemorate the victims of the Colectiv nightclub fire but also to protest against corruption and the current political establishment continued over the weekend too, the turnout being however much smaller compared to that registered in previous days.

Around 2,000 people protested in Bucharest’s University Square on Saturday, the fifth day of protests, a day in which 9 persons injured in the Colectiv nightclub fire lost their lives, taking the death toll to 41. News about the deaths of two more victims reached the square in the evening, prompting the protesters to kneel down in order to pay homage to the departed. Protesters then stood up, applauded and started shouting “Colectiv” and “We won’t go home, the dead won’t let us.”

Protests were organized in the country’s other main cities too – Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara, Ploiesti, Alba Iulia, Sebes, Buzau and Sibiu. The several hundred protesters that took part in protests in each of these cities carried placards with messages against corruption, asked for the cleansing of the current political establishment and lit candles in the memory of the young victims of the Colectiv nightclub fire in Bucharest.

Several protests also took place in large Romanian communities abroad. Thus, protests were organized in Milan, Rome, Verona, Turin, Bologna, Madrid, Bilbao, Paris, Berlin, Nuremberg, Cologne, London, New York, Chicago and San Francisco (photo).

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