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December 4, 2022

Tragic weekend: Colectiv Club fire death toll rises to 45, doctors’ forecasts are somber

The nightclub fire death toll now stands at 45, after two persons hospitalized at Floreasca Hospital and one hospitalized at the Burn Center died early Sunday morning and nine others died on Saturday.
The drummer of Goodbye to Gravity died on Sunday en route to Switzerland. The attempts to resuscitate Bogdan Enache lasted 70 minutes but he lost the struggle.
Two patients died at the Burn Center and another death was announced at the University Hospital early Saturday morning. Several hours later Secretary of State Raed Arafat announced that two of the patients taken to the Netherlands died after the planes landed. Four more persons lost their lives several hours later – two at the Floreasca Hospital, one at the Burn Center and one at the Bagdasar Hospital.
According to Dr. Ioan Lascar, the most difficult period for patients in critical condition starts on the fifth day. “All four patients that died at Floreasca died of lung failure. This is the period of major respiratory complications. It’s exactly as stated in the special literature, this is a textbook evolution. According to the special literature, mortality for these patients ranges from 30 to 80 per cent, namely at least 3 and at most 8 in every 10 patients with burns, who are in critical condition, die. The life-threatening risk occurs now because of major complications. The evolution is the same anywhere on this planet. Nothing more can be done,” Ioan Lascar, head of the Floreasca Hospital’s Plastic Surgery Clinic, stated.
The persons who lost their lives are: Rusitoru Stefan (27), Hamed Stefan-Andrei (15), Ionita Catalina (34), Simion Alexandru (40), Epure Anda Ioana (31), Vulcu Maria (30), Florea Valentina (22), Oprita Carmen Irina, Matei Gabriel (42), Palada Radu (35), Nelu Tilie, Telea Vlad (37), Enache Diana, Baldovin Nicoleta (26), Tripa Ioan (42), Georgescu Paul Alexandru, Rugina Adrian (38), Ignat Constantin, Laurentiu Varlam (30), Alexandru Mihai (34), Ion Maria, Fieraru Valentin, Vieru Mihaela, Buca Petre Andrei, Petre Claudiu, Stan Simona Livia (27), Tanasoiu Monica (35), Gheorghe Liliana (25), Voicu Mimi (31), Alexandra Matache (26), Costel Carlicean, Andreea Chiriac, Daniel Ciobanu (39), Ionut Cosmin Popescu (32), Ionut Maior (27), Tullia Ciotola (20), Alexandru Chelba (33), Adrian Popa, Florin Popescu, Elena Toader (30), Mavi Sterian (25), Alexandra Radulescu (26), Ayberk Manci, Dan Matei Alexandru, Bogdan Enache.
Those who died were in severe condition, most of them having burns over a large surface of their bodies and respiratory tract injuries.
Over 100 persons are still hospitalized in Bucharest, almost 40 of them in critical or severe condition. Others have been flown to various clinics abroad.
The costs for the patients transferred abroad, even for those without medical insurance, will be covered by the Government in full, Health Ministry sources stated for Agerpres on Sunday. Bogdan Enache, the drummer of Goodbye to Gravity, the band that was performing on the night of the tragedy, does not have medical insurance.
21 injured persons were transferred on Sunday afternoon to hospitals in Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Israel and Germany, according to a Health Ministry announcement. Thus, 8 patients were transferred to Belgium, 2 each in Austria and Israel, 1 in Germany, 8 in the Netherlands (2 of them died – one in the ambulance and one in hospital in Rotterdam). Bogdan Molesag, the drummer of the Up to Eleven band and cameraman for Prima TV, was among those transferred to Belgium.
The Colectiv Club tragedy ended up on the table of NATO officials too, who decided, at the request of Romanian authorities, to send a military transport plane to Romania in order to help transport those injured. “There is a program at NATO level and Romania is a contributor. We asked them yesterday (Saturday – editor’s note) to put one of these airplanes at our disposal today. It will probably arrive at 7 p.m. It’s a high-capacity airplane. If the Emergency Situations Department wants to transfer some of those injured it can do so much faster,” Defense Minister Mircea Dusa stated.

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