Government: Emergency aids for families of Colectiv club fire injured

The Government will approve in an extraordinary meeting on Monday emergency financial aids for the families of the injured in the fire at Colectiv club.

Therefore, the amount of 7,500 euros per month will be granted to each of the families of the injured transferred to hospitals abroad and the sum of 6,000 lei will be granted to each of the families of those hospitalised in Romania.

According to interim Prime Minister Sorin Cimpeanu, the 7,500 euro represent the transport cost – 1,500 euro – to which the costs for meal, accommodation and other expenses are added – 200 euro per day for 30 days.

“We are granting 7,500 euro per month in emergency aid set at 30 days of 200 euro per day allotted for accommodation, meal and other expenses to the members of each of the families – there currently are 30 victims hospitalised abroad – in addition to 1,500 euro for transport expenses. The payment of these amounts is going to be made in maximum 5 days since the request is received,” Cimpeanu said in the beginning of the extraordinary Government meeting.

He said that several requests from the families of the patients hospitalised abroad were registered, but also from the families of the 83 patients hospitalised in Romania.

The interim prime minister pointed out that for the families of those hospitalised in Romania an emergency aid worth 6,000 lei per month is granted, namely 200 lei per day for accommodation, meal and other expenses.

The amounts will be allotted for the entire hospitalisation period, starting the day they were hospitalised, depending on the number of hospital days, regardless of the hospitalisation period.

Cimpeanu also said that the money will be granted from the Government’s reserve fund.

On the other hand, he showed that a complex assistance programme is being drawn up for the survivors of the Colectiv club fire, “meant to include the social reintegration, schooling and other things,” through the Labour Ministry


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