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May 18, 2022

IPP criticizes President Iohannis’ decision to prioritize weekend getaway over appointment of Premier

The Institute for Public Policies (IPP) criticizes President Klaus Iohannis’ decision to unjustifiably postpone the adoption of a decision concerning the appointment of a new Government, as well as the big parties’ inability to find or to want to promote reputable young specialists.

Romania urgently needs a Government in order to ensure the country’s stability, the Institute for Public Policies (IPP) believes, criticizing the President’s decision to postpone the finding of a solution (by in fact suspending negotiations over the weekend) following the resignation of the Ponta Government.

“Consistent with the appeal that President Iohannis launched on Wednesday evening in order to come into contact with civil society (with as many young protesters as possible) and to give an extra symbolic signal in particular to the large, unreformed parties that lack credibility, the IPP believes that any supplementary consultation needed by President Klaus Iohannis should have taken place immediately, until a solution was found, irrespective of the fact that this is the weekend. We warn that against the backdrop of the calling into question of the political class as a whole, the President’s indecision and apparent aloofness could lead to calling him into question and implicitly to demands for his resignation, a veritably dramatic situation for the Romanian political establishment.

Compared to other voices from consecrated NGOs that the Presidential staff has selected to take part in yesterday’s talks, the IPP, having the experience of political decision-making in Parliament, pleads for a Government led by a representative of the new generation of specialists with solid economic background that would at the same time be, without making a bravado out of this, member of a political party, in order for the internal reconstruction of parties to start too. This has to be the President’s top concern; in fact this was also the President’s initial message when he initiated last week’s consultations. We note that he expanded along the way the topic of the talks in order to please his interlocutors, despite the fact that the tackling of these particularly relevant topics exceeds his constitutional prerogatives. We hope he will have the consistency and firmness necessary in order to maintain them in focus in relation with the parties/Parliament and with the new Government and that he will inform society, within reasonable time, about the concrete results from the list of topics taken over directly by him.

The parties – the ones that understand the people’s message and undergo reform – represent the only consecrated expression of the exercise of democracy and representativeness in-between elections so that if Romanian parties are not capable to find any non-discredited young member credible in his line of work, we suggest they should disband themselves in order for this to be a veritable wake-up call for Romanian society,” an IPP communiqué reads.

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