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January 23, 2022

President Iohannis goes to University Square: I saw revolt, but also hope that things can change

President Klaus Iohannis on Sunday evening went to the University Square of Bucharest on the sixth day of protests.

Upon the President’s arrival, in the Intercontinental Hotel area, a bustle was generated, as very many people tried to reach the spot to talk to Iohannis, who was accompanied by several Protection and Guard Service (SPP) officers.

Some of the attendees gave the head of state lists with requests.

Slogans such as “Corruption kills,” “We want 300, not 600!,” “All parties, the same filth,” “Colectiv, Colectiv!” were chanted.

There were protesters who booed the President and chanted “Shame, shame!.”

Iohannis stood in the middle of the protesters of University Square for about 20 minutes, talking directly with them and not delivering any speech, although many protesters asked him to address the crowd through a loudspeaker.

After the President left the traffic remained stuck in the area and people commented on his visit.

President Klaus Iohannis on Friday said he promised civil society and “street” leaders that he would go to the agora among protesters, but pointed out he would announce neither hour, nor day, in order not to make a media event out of this.

“I have received multiple invitations to go to the agora and I promised I will, but I will announce neither the hour, nor the day I will go there, because I don’t want to make a media event out of it, but I want to go talk to the common people who are in the University Square, to tell me what they expect of me, what they expect of the political class,” Iohannis said.

Iohannis, after University Square: I saw revolt, but also hope that things can change

After visiting the protest venue in the University Square, President Klaus Iohannis said that he saw “much revolt, but also the hope that things can change.”

“I was to the University Square tonight and I spoke with people. I saw very much revolt, but also the hope that things can change. I told the attendees to have confidence and stay involved; only together can we make Romania become the country we all want,” Iohannis wrote on his Facebook page.

What does “The Street” want?

The new Prime Minister should not be a member of PSD, PNL, UNPR or any other political party.

The population should have the tools to dismiss a politician easily.

The decrease to 300 in the number of Deputies and Senators in the Romanian Parliament.

Forbidding political shifts and political alliances after elections.

Cease of immunity in all cases requested by politicians, seizing illicit wealth and harsher punishment in corruption-related cases.

Any convicted politician should be unable to gain a position in the state after executing his sentence.

The increase of the budget for health, education, security and other fields of national interest subordinated to the state and the increase in the wages of doctors, teachers, police officers, gendarmes, firefighters, simultaneously with a decrease in the wages of persons managing these institutions.

Increase of punishment on people who give or accept bribe in any field.

The increase of the minimum salary and decent pensions for all Romanians.

The revision and decrease of bureaucracy, simplification and clarification of the legislation frame for operating trade companies.

Protection of forests and increased penalties for illegal exploitations.

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