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December 10, 2022

Sixt New Kopel Auto SH’s advice: Where and how you can buy risk-free second-hand car

Second-hand auto vehicles were the choice of 7 in every 8 Romanians that bought a car this year, over 300,000 units being already on the roads.

Such a purchase usually comes with headaches and a certain anxiety for the car’s technical condition. Apart from concern with the budget and with choosing the brand or model, checking the auto vehicle is just as important.

Sixt Auto SH, New Kopel Group’s used auto vehicles division, recommends purchases from authorized resellers, in which case the risk of buying a car with hidden defects is substantially lowered.

The risk of the purchase made from independent and unauthorized resellers is often unprofitable, the expenses entailed by fixing the problems that went unnoticed at first often hiking the budget allocated to the auto vehicle. For instance, if after a fender-bender a component of the chassis has been replaced and painted in a specialized workshop the damage will not be observable to the naked eye.

That is why a history of damages and repair works is very important and is often not offered by independent resellers at auto fairs. When buying from an authorized dealership however, the latter will be able to offer you the whole list of repairs as well as the certainty of real mileage meter data.

In Romania the effort of combating the tinkering with mileage meters is not yet at the level seen in other European Union countries and there are no harmonized mileage meter monitoring systems. For instance, even in France, Germany and Netherlands the damage incurred by mileage meter fraud stands at approximately EUR 2.5 bln per year.

At the same time, a report authored by the Car-Pass organization in Belgium – a country that has rigorous mileage meter control mechanisms harmonized at national level – shows that 8.6 per cent of resold used cars showed tinkering with the mileage meters. The use of unified auto vehicle control systems resulted in a drop to 0.2 per cent. At the same time, in Romania there is no possibility to quantify mileage meter frauds and their impact on the consumer. Bearing in mind the volume of second-hand vehicle imports, mileage meter frauds can only be estimated at dozens of millions of Euros each year. The hidden defects of a car bought from an unauthorized reseller can be multiple: from hiding the auto vehicle’s technical condition in order to obtain a sale price as high as possible, not disclosing the road incidents it was involved in, all the way to the sellers’ reticence toward technical checks before the sale and the forging of the car’s repairs book.

Who is affected by the sale of uncertain and unverifiable auto vehicles?

The consumer:

• Uncertainty about the quality of the acquisition made
• The risk of costly surprises
• Low traffic safety

The specialized dealerships:

• Weakening of consumer confidence in the second-hand segment
• Impossibility to compete price-wise

The financing institutions:

• They take financing risks for used vehicles
• Difficult resale after repossession
• Impossibility of correctly assessing the auto vehicle financed

The advantage of buying a used auto vehicle from Sixt New Kopel Auto SH

The advantage of buying a car from an authorized second-hand auto vehicle dealership consists of the fact that the dealership will always sell a verified auto vehicle with certifiable mileage and history. New Kopel Group’s Sixt SH division is an authorized dealership that sells auto vehicles with certifiable history and the biggest warranty on the market. Sixt New Kopel Auto SH’s fleet consists of over one hundred well-known models and brands.
The auto vehicles on offer have a single previous owner and each vehicle comes with the biggest warranty for a second-hand car in Romania: bumper-to-bumper 2-year warranty within the limit of 30,000 kilometers. Moreover, during the entire period of repairs included in the warranty you receive a replacement vehicle. The periodic technical inspection is valid for a period of one year.

Verified car and financing covered by Sixt New Kopel Auto SH

When purchasing used cars, Sixt New Kopel Auto SH gives the client the possibility of using his old car as down payment, in a buy-back system, and of paying only the difference. And since such an investment is calculated to cover a long period of time, the SH division offers financing assistance so that the car could also be leased. The rate of success in taking over the files and obtaining the financing stands at 92 per cent.

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