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October 19, 2021

Liberals call for rejecting Gov’t ordinance on party defectors

The National Liberal Party calls on the Parliament to reject an emergency ordinance of the Government on party defectors, which is currently being debated by the Senate, party spokesman Ionut Stroe (photo) announced on Monday.

“This week, the PNL proposes and calls on the Parliament to urgently reject the Emergency Ordinance no. 55 by which the [elected officials’] switching party allegiance was put into law”, Stroe said at the end of the Liberals’ unification meeting.

He explained the act is being debated by the Senate’s legal and administration committees and underscored that the enforcement of the Constitutional Court ruling should explicitly call for ending the terms-in-office of those local and county councillors who defected their party and embraced another, while as far as the mayors are concerned, it should be set that they should return to the party they were elected to.

The Liberals also demand the urgent debate of the party’s initiatives aimed at the Parliament’s assuming by open vote its voting on the judiciary’s requests and at amending the current election law and the re-introduction of a provision saying the mayors can be elected by two rounds of voting.

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