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February 4, 2023

One Colectiv club fire injured transferred to the UK dies; death toll reaches 48

One of the persons injured in the Colectiv club fire on October 30, who had been transferred to the UK for treatment, died on Monday night, medical sources told Agerpres.

According to the sources, the patient had been transferred to a medical unit in Birmingham.

Thus, the death toll of the Colectiv club tragedy rises to 48, after another patient at the Burn Victims Hospital who was in a critical condition has died on Monday.

One of the people injured in the Colectiv fire who had been sent to an Israeli hospital – the photographer Teodora Maftei – died Monday morning, taking the total number of death to 46.
Teodora Maftei had had a difficult life. The young woman had had seven surgeries in the past, there on the brain, because of an intracranial built-up of fluid, under which conditions she was not supposed to go to clubs. A photographer and editor at ProTV, she was 32 and suffered from an accumulation of fluid on the cerebellum which could not be eliminated if associated with intracranial tension. The diagnosis had been given in 2005, after suffering from atrocious headaches, insomnia, memory troubles, dizziness and balance impairment.

The drummer of the Goodbye to Gravity band that was playing the night of the fire, Bogdan Enache, died on Sunday, after a cardiorespiratory arrest on the flight to a clinic in Switzerland. Two other victims had died Saturday night after arriving to the Netherlands.
So far, a total of 30 people injured in the Colectiv fire have been flown to foreign hospitals. Four of them have died.

10 patients make it to the UK and Norway

All ten Colectiv fire victims transferred on Sunday made it to Great Britain and Norway. The London doctors who met them at the airport were impressed with the transport conditions.
‘We have had a few critical patients, but there were no issues for the duration of the flight. They all got there in good conditions and the London doctors who met them at the airport were impressed with the manner in which they had been transported. It’s a new standard for the airlift of critical burnt patients, said the British physicians’, Home Affairs Secretary of State Raed Arafat said.

Of the patients flown abroad Sunday night, he critical ones stayed in the UK, the Romanian official also noted.
Medical sources say that Alexandru Olivian Olteanu and Elena Nitu – from the Burns Hospital, Iulian Rob, Vladut Roberto and Tudor Golu – from the University Emergency Hospital, Corina Gabriela Ionita – from Elias Hospital, Cristian Raducanu and Costin Dumitrache – from the Military Hospital, Cristian Daniel Mitroi – Floreasca Hospital were transferred to Great Britain on a NATO aircraft at about 23:00 Sunday night. Marius Frantoaca, from the Bagdasar-Arseni Hospital, was sent to Norway.

On Sunday, at 17:00, Catalin Mircea Ilnitchi was transferred to Israel from Floreasca Hospital.
Initially, the NATO aircraft was supposed to fly a total of 12 patients: nine to the UK, two to Norway and one to Finland. Among them, there was an 18 year old boy. Sunday night, however, the condition of two of the patients deteriorated, so they had to remain in the Bucharest hospitals where they were.

Government offers financial assistance to victims’ families

The provisional Government had an extraordinary meeting on Monday to discuss the aid programme addressed to the victims who had sustained injuries in the Colectiv nightclub fire and their families.

Cimpeanu informed that the Government would pay a monthly aid of EUR 7.500 to the families of the surviving victims of the Colectiv fire. Under a Government decision, a member of the family or another relative who accompanies a patient transferred to a foreign hospital will receive EUR 7,500/month – EUR 6,000 for accommodation and board (EUR 200 per diem) and EUR 1,500 for transport, Hotnews reports.

The financial assistance will be paid for the entire period of hospitalisation, starting with the first day. A member of the family or relative (Companion), regardless the degree of kinship, qualifies for the aid.
The financial aid will be paid within 5 working days, based on a request accompanied by a photocopy of the ID of the patient’s companion and the documents based on which the treatment in the country or abroad was approved. The payment of those sums will be made within 5 working days of the receipt of the application, said the interim PM, who noted that requests had been received for a total of 83 patients.

Cimpeanu said the Government contingency fund had enough resources and that ‘there is no reason to worry from that point of view’.
Sunday night, Health Minister Nicoale Banicioiu said the Government was considering offering financial support to the families accompanying the patients transferred from Romanian hospitals abroad.

He also said that a special intervention group would be set up at the Ministry of Health to deal with the counselling and communication with the relatives of the patients.
Monday night, interim-PM Sorin Cimpeanu met with eh US and Canadian Ambassadors in Romania for talks on aid to victims.
Raed Arafat on Monday participated in a meeting with other teams of doctors from Germany and France to determine if any more patients would be transferred abroad.

INML report: Colectiv victims suffered burns and intoxication

On Monday, the ‘Mina Minovici’ National Coroner’s Institute published the conclusions regarding the 26 persons who died on the spot in the Colectiv nightclub fire, after running toxicological tests. The forensic doctors say that, apart from burns, the victims presented carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide in toxic doses in the blood. The source says 18 victims had levels of hydrogen cyanide above lethal limits.
The specialists’ conclusion is that ‘for all of the afore-listed substances, the toxic effects manifest instantly, following direct action, however, many of these substances also trigger toxic manifestations in the human body some time after the initial exposure, which explains why many of the persons who are currently in hospital have a combined post-combustion and toxic pathology’. For this reason, the persons who were in the club at the time of the tragedy but did not require medical care have been asked to see the doctor for detailed exams.

Two ISU workers arrested by DNA in Colectiv case

Two employees of the Emergency Inspectorate (ISU) Bucharest-Ilfov were arrested by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) on Monday in a case of abuse of office and failure to discharge one’s duties in connection with the fire prevention and control authorisations for the Colectiv nightclub.

The two are Antonia Radu and George Matei Petrica. Mediafax says their job was to prepare the documents for the Colectiv club.
DNA military prosecutors opened on Friday a case against employees of ISU Bucharest – Ilfov for abuse of office and failure to fulfil duties in connection with the permits for the prevention and control of fire.

From ISU Bucharest-Ilfvov documents on the inspections conducted for the preventions of fire were also taken by the authorities, based on which it will be determined if the inspection methodology and legal requirements were observed.

Still on Friday, at DNA Bucharest, the owners of the Colectiv club – Paul Gancea, Alin Anastasescu and Costin Mincu – arrested on 3 November, were taken from the Bucharest Police arrest facility for questioning in the case concerning the employees of ISU Bucharest-lfov. The three club owners gave depositions in front of the anticorruption prosecutors also in the case against District 4 local administration employees regarding the issuance of the authorisations to the Colectiv nightclub.

The investigation into the Colectiv club fire on 30 October is conducted by the prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ). DNA are also conducting investigations in two cases regarding the issuance of the operating permits to the club.

The three Colectiv club owners – Alin Anastasescu, Paul Gancea and Costin Mincu – were preventively arrested on 3 November for manslaughter in connection with the Colectiv fire.
The Bucharest Tribunal decided on Saturday to arrest ex-Mayor Cristian Popescu Piedone and two District 4 local administration workers – Aurelia Iofciu, the chief of the commercial authorisations department, and Luminita Larisa Ganea, working for the same department – in the DNA case regarding the authorisation of the Colectiv nightclub.

On Saturday, the District 4 Court ordered the arrest for 30 days of Daniela Nita, the manager of Golden Ideas Fireworks Artists, company that supplied the fireworks to the Colectiv nightclub, company director Cristian Nita and explosive specialist Viorel Zaharia.

Explosive specialist Viorel Zaharia was charged with manslaughter and he owners of the company that provided the fireworks to the Colectiv club are investigated into for aiding and abetting and stealing or destruction of evidence or documents.

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