President to hold 2nd consultation round with UDMR, UNPR, ALDE and national minorities’ group

President Iohannis on Tuesday will have a second round of consultations with the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR), the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) and the national minorities’ group aimed at designating the new prime minister.

The consultations will start on Tuesday at 11:00hrs with the leaders of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania and will continue with the National Union for Romania’s Progress, at 11:30hrs, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, at 12:00hrs and the parliamentary group of national minorities, at 12:30hrs.

The head of state had consultations with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the National Liberal Party (PNL) on Monday after a first round of consultations last week with the parliamentary parties and formations in view of designating a prime minister.

The PSD proposed Liviu Voinea as candidate for the PM office and a political government. The Social Democrats’ chairman voiced his hope that the National Bank of Romania’s vice governor will be supported by the colleagues in the ruling coalition for the prime minister office.

PNL pointed out they agree with the option of a technocrat prime minister and government, as proposed by President Iohannis.

The Liberals gave up on the idea of organising snap elections, given that most parliamentary parties didn’t agree.

PSD’s Dragnea: President Iohannis says Voinea reasonable proposal, likely to announce nomination Tuesday

Social Democrat (PSD) chairman Liviu Dragnea said on Monday the Romanian president is considering the party’s proposal for prime minister, Liviu Voinea, as reasonable and stressed the head of state would likely announce the nomination for the position on Tuesday.

“The president said it is a reasonable proposal. It is about a man that he knows and who, in his opinion has good experience in administration and who has served in the Government and is recognised by many people. He was the one to have managed the relation with the IMF”, Dragnea said, adding that President Klaus Iohannis said he “would make the proposal he deems fit after the second round of talks with all the parties”.

The Social Democrat leader said the Romanian president does not see the option of snap polls as one that might be put into practice fast and that he argues in favour of a government of technocrats, as being the best option.

Dragnea underscored the head of state thinks two rounds of negotiations are sufficient.

“I think that tomorrow, after he finalises the consultations with all the parties, he will also make the nomination [for prime minister]”, he added.

The PSD head explained that he does not know whether the president has his own proposal for prime minister.

He underlined it is not simple that a technocrats government has constant support in Parliament.

“It is about a proposal of a technocrat prime minister, but a government that should have substantial political support from the parties, a government made up of technocrat ministers and state secretaries only is not very simple to have constant support both in the Parliament plenum and in the parliamentary committees. (…) In this context, I do not see why the parties should not propose people, either party members or not”, he said.

According to him, there are sufficient arguments for Liviu Voinea to be backed by the ruling coalition.

“I’ve said it is a reasonable proposal and I do not see why they wouldn’t back it. (…) I am absolutely convinced we made a good and efficient proposal and I hope the president carefully considers our proposal”, Dragnea said.

The Social Democrat leader argued that Voinea meets 95 percent of the criteria required by the protesters.

PNL’s Gorghiu: President Iohannis proposes technocrat PM option; PNL approves

National Liberal Party (PNL) co-chairs Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga have stated on Monday that President Klaus Iohannis proposes the option of a technocratic government and prime minister and that the Liberals approve.

“Today, in the discussions we had, the President brought up, proposed, the option of a technocratic government, of a technocratic prime minister, an option that the PNL approves. It is an option that demands from us an agenda, a very precise calendar within which all the reforms we desire must be started,” Gorghiu said.

She mentioned that the PNL has proposed the option of snap elections, for which an agreement with the other parliamentary parties was necessary.

“A large part of the parliamentary parties did not approve with the idea of snap elections, reason for which the PNL did not desire to encumber dialogue conducted in order to get out of this political crisis,” Gorghiu explained.

She emphasized that PNL did not run away from the idea of governing and has as a prime minister designate Catalin Predoiu, it has a shadow cabinet and a governing programme, but in the current context understands the reasoning of President Iohannis in making a proposal for a technocratic prime minister.

The PNL leader showed that a technocratic PM would have to agree with political parties on a number of topics, such as depoliticization of administration, election of mayors in two electoral rounds, maintaining of rule of law, investment budget.

“If this government led by a technocratic PM does not understand that it has to have as a foremost priority the top-down depoliticization of the administration, we believe the PSD will be governing de facto,” Gorghiu underlined.

Liberal co-chair Vasile Blaga mentioned that the National Liberal Party did not propose a candidate for the prime minister position.

“The president proposed as a clear solution, today, a prime minister and government composed of technocrats, a prime minister who knows administration and a government that has over it no shadow in regards to moral criteria necessary for these positions. That prime minister would have to come to the PNL, would have to go to other parties to gather parliamentary support, and, obviously, we will discuss with him then (…) of our priorities which largely coincide with those of the street,” Blaga added.

He also stated that a technocrat government will be approved in Parliament.

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