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October 20, 2021

Dacia-Renault sells 3.5 million auto vehicles

+Numerous Dacia fan clubs have celebrated the Romanian brand in France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany

France’s Renault Group has announced that 3.5 million Dacia auto vehicles have been sold in Europe and the Mediterranean basin in the ten years that have passed since the re-launch of this brand. The 3,500,000th car, a Sandero Stepway, was sold in a dealership in Mill Lane, London, United Kingdom, the car manufacturer’s communiqué informs.
“Today we are handing over the keys to the 3,500,000th Dacia and I am very happy this happens in the United Kingdom, where the brand was launched in 2013,” Denis Le Vot, Commercial Director for Europe G9, Renault Group, explained.
In the first half of this year Dacia sales grew by 10.1 per cent to 209,024 units. Against the backdrop in which 19 of the 44 countries in which the Dacia brand is sold registered record sales in H1.
Apart from its commercial success, Dacia has managed to form a numerous community of clients that continues to grow. For instance, 11,000 people took part in the events occasioned by the latest Dacia anniversary in France, 6,000 in the Czech Republic, 3,000 took part in a huge Dacia picnic in Denmark and 3,400 in Germany. Likewise, Dacia has almost 2.8 million Facebook fans after just 5 years of presence there.
Dacia was taken over by Renault in 1999. Re-launched in 2004 with the Logan model, Dacia has become a well-known player on the European auto market.
In 2014, Dacia was the biggest company in Romania and 16th in the top 500 rankings of the largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe (Coface CEE Top 500) with a turnover of EUR 4.2 bln (up by 2.3 per cent).
The Dacia plant exports auto vehicles to 68 countries and CKDs (vehicle components) to almost 10 production plants.

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