Iohannis on Veterans Day: I guarantee that the values you defended will be respected

President Klaus Iohannis conveyed on Wednesday, on Veterans Day, a message stating that “the values defended will be respected, and the memory of heroes will be honoured as it is appropriate.”

“Veterans Day represents a sign of the acknowledgement of merits and sacrifices of thousands of Romanian troops or civilians who took part in missions and operations outside the Romanian borders. They are those who participated in actions with a high degree of danger, were wounded or, some of them, even lost their lives defending national and universal values and principles,” the head of state said in a statement released by the Presidential Administration.

Iohannis stressed that veterans have fulfilled their duty unconditionally, contributing to maintaining regional and global peace and stability.

“The commitment you showed and the values you fought for will never be forgotten. You learned from your predecessors, war veterans, what it means to love one’s country and, as worthy successors, you act with determination and courage in theatres of operation or wherever there is need, with the sacred duty to fight for promoting and defending the country’s security interests. I bring a warm tribute to the families of our heroes who lost their lives and I assure them of our full compassion and support. I guarantee you that the values defended will be respected and the memory of our heroes will be honoured as it is appropriate,” Iohannis stated.

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