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September 30, 2020

PNL’s Gorghiu: Ciolos knows his mission isn’t easy; we haven’t discussed names

National Liberal Party (PNL) co-chair Alina Gorghiu said on Wednesday after talks with PM-designate Dcian Ciolos that Ciolos “knows very well” the mission of leading a government at such a time isn’t easy at all and that during the meeting he had with the PNL leaders no reference to ministers’ names was made.

“He doesn’t need to give us an answer right now, we shall see how things evolve, but it was natural to have this discussion as open as possible since the very beginning. We shall see what the options will be in composing the Cabinet, in respect to the priorities in the government programme, and we shall be able to make this assessment shortly. I am positive that, in spite of the fact that the mission of this Cabinet isn’t easy, Dacian Ciolos will do a very good job. With wisdom in selecting the ministers, with caution in selecting the possible secretaries of state, with high attention paid to the projects which he will come up with in front of Parliament, I believe normalcy will resume and obviously it is a novelty for Romania to have a technocrat Cabinet,” Gorghiu said.

Gorghiu added that the ministers in the Ciolos Cabinet will be, according to Ciolos’s statements, specialists without party membership.

“There are very many reasons for which the PNL supports a technocrat government. Our option has been another one in the beginning, namely that of snap elections, which, unfortunately couldn’t be attained in the absence of an agreement with the other leaders of parliamentary parties. They did not want such a thing, therefore, given the public agenda at the moment and (…) the lack of credibility of political parties – which is a topic that we have to seriously discuss in the months to come in order to have a real reform of the political class – until then I believe that the best option for the Romanian state is this one which Romania’s President has chosen,” Gorghiu pointed out.

In his turn, PNL co-chair Vasile Blaga said that Dacian Ciolos is interested in preserving macroeconomic stability so that the government ensuing the 2016 elections will not be put in difficulty. In respect to discussions on the list of ministers, Blaga said they could take place on Saturday or on Sunday.

PNL’s Nicolaescu : Dacian Ciolos, serious, not very sociable

Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos is a very strict and precise man, not very much sociable, says leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL) MPs in the Chamber of Deputies Eugen Nicolaescu.

“I and Dacian Ciolos were colleagues in the Tariceanu Cabinet and I worked very well with him. He was a serious colleague and at the same time not very sociable, yet quite receptive to your arguments. He was not sociable in the sense of ‘let us have a drink together’ to talk I do not now what. He was very strict and precise, which I find a good thing,” Nicolaescu said Wednesday at Parliament House at the end of a joint meeting of the PNL parliamentary groups.

He added that he asked the PNL lawmakers to come up with a set of priorities for 2016 by the end of the week.

“I had a meeting with the joint groups of senators and MPs to inform our colleagues that we have to prepare for hearing the future ministers, which means a government programme for 2016 and coming up with priorities we believe are important for the next year. I asked the colleagues to put forth proposals by the end of the week so that the next week we may have a set of priorities that the PNL believes are important,” said Nicolaescu.

Liberal Senate leader: Vote on Gov’t investiture – a signal for creating new majority

The Liberal Senate floor leader Ion Popa said on Wednesday that the vote on the Government’s investiture will be a first signal for the creation of a new majority, adding that the Liberal MPs will vote for the Ciolos Cabinet.

“The vote for the investiture of the Government represents a first signal for the creation of a new majority in the Senate in the first place, because in the Upper House we are anyway very close to that, and in the Chamber of Deputies as well,” said Popa after the meeting of the joint PNL groups.

He underscored that creating a majority is an important goal.

“We have initiatives we want to promote. The Government will get the vote, as the meeting decided that PNL MPs will vote for this team. The new lineup will come up with projects that need support, and therefore a majority is necessary to support the Government in Parliament,” said the leader of the PNL Senators.

In his opinion, a majority can be built in the Senate without the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR), specifying that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) – UNPR group counts 81 Senators and the rest of the groups have 165 members in total.

As for a possible replacement of Senate Speaker Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, the Liberal floor leader said that this is a political decision.

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