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March 29, 2023

PSD to decide whether or not to support new Gov’t, at a convention on Sunday

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) will make a decision whether or not to support the future government at a convention of its National Executive Committee (CexN) to be held on Sunday, PSD national leader Liviu Dragnea said Wednesday evening after talks with Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos.

“What interest us are the government programme and the quality of the Cabinet. After the new government is invested, if ever, we will take a close look to what each minister does, how he manages public offices, how they pick their people and how they appoint people. On Sunday, there will be a convention of the National Executive Committee (…) because I hope that by Sunday there will be list of the Cabinet members for us and the public opinion, and then we can make a political decision based on more information,” said Dragnea, according to Agerpres.

At the same time, he added that in his conversation with Ciolos he told the prime minister-designate that the PSD lawmakers will have the right attitude in committees, but they will be taking a very close look to the performance of each minister.

Dragnea said his discussion with Ciolos was “good, polite.”

He mentioned that PSD leaders asked Ciolos to make sure the state is operational.

The PSD national leader said Ciolos was informed that PSD finds it important that the measures and the programmes that made the Ponta governing an excellent one with palpable and actual results be continued.

“It is important for economic growth to be kept in 2016 at 4.1 percent, at least, as was the latest growth estimate of the European Commission. At the same time, the measures approved under the Tax Code should be implemented instead of halted. Likewise, Romania’s strategic, economic and financial commitments should be adhered to. Talks about public pay should be carried through and the bill on public pay should reach Parliament,” said Dragnea.

He added that as far as the rule of law is concerned, it is important for the new government to signal it will secure the operation of the rule of law, justice independence and financial resources for the said institutions to do their business under the best circumstances.

Dragnea: Ciolos told me he does not intend to make brutal, quantitative changes in administration

Liviu Dragnea said Wednesday evening after talks with Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos that Ciolos informed him that if the composition of the future government he intends to present Parliament passes he will have no intention to make brutal, quantitative changes in the public administration.

“Mr Dacian Ciolos told me that if his Cabinet is voted in office, he doesn’t contemplate starting off brutal changes in the local administration, some quantitative changes pure and simple. As far as I understand, he seems to have a right, normal attitude,” said Dragnea.

He added that PSD leaders told Ciolos that “a political government – which has proved to have conducted excellent governance – has human resources to be supplied for certain offices.”

“A technocrat government lacks human resources to be used to recruit for certain public offices. Consequently, I believe there are two options: caving in to pressure, not coming from us, making changes for the sake of change (…) and the right and balanced option, securing the operation of the state institutions and implementing the government programme. It seems he will choose the moderate, wise option,” added Dragnea.

He pointed out that PSD did not make and will not make any proposal for the Cabinet members or state secretaries.

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