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June 29, 2022

Colectiv club fire: Injured transferred to Germany dies; death toll at 55

Another person injured in the devastating Colectiv Club fire on October 30, who had been transferred to Germany, died on Friday, taking the death toll to 55, Health Ministry sources told Agerpres.

A number of 37 persons injured in the deadly fire have been transferred to hospitals outside Romania.

Five have reached Germany, three of them on their own account.

Health Ministry: 62 injured in Colectiv fire still in Bucharest hospitals; 14 – in critical and serious state

The Health Ministry (MS) on Friday informed that a number of 62 persons injured in the October 30 fire at Colectiv club are still hospitalised in Bucharest, 14 of whom are in a critical and serious state.

According to the MS, four persons were discharged on Thursday.

Moreover, the Colectiv club injured who have been transferred abroad are in a stable state.

MS was pointing out on Thursday that 37 persons injured in Colectiv club had been transferred to medical units abroad: Austria – two persons in stable state, Belgium – eight persons in stable state.

Moreover, eight patients were transferred to the Netherlands, two of whom died and six were still in stable state; the transferee to France died, while five patients were transferred to Germany, three on their own.

Nine persons were transferred to the UK, three of whom died and the remaining six in a stable state; one injured in a stable medical state is in Norway, while 3 persons were transferred to Israel, one of whom died, one kept at the ICU in an unstable state and the third is in a stable state.

Romanians abroad collect medicines for Colectiv fire victims

The Federation of Romanians’ Associations in Europe (FADERE) initiated on Friday a campaign to collect medicines to be sent to hospitals in Romania treating patients injured in the Colectiv club fire in Bucharest, a statement by FADERE states.

The Federation received on Thursday from the Health Ministry a list with medicines and supplies necessary to treat the victims of the October 30 fire.

Romanians in Spain will be provided with a list they can use in pharmacies to find similar medicines. Moreover, FADERE is releasing a list of collection points. The medicines will be sent to Romania on a weekly basis.

“Certainly, at this time too, Romanians abroad will show their solidarity with those in the country, like many times before, and will purchase the medicines that will help save the lives of those injured in this tragedy,” FADERE president Daniel Tecu stated.

The list includes 55 medicines, such as Addamel, Clexane, Colistin, Diazepam, clorhexin sponge for washing patients, morphine, noradrenaline, Paracetamol, Ranitidine and vitamin solutions.

The medicines will be collected at 22 collection points in Madrid, Coslada, Alcala, Calatayud, Zaragoza, Lerida, Barcelona, Almonte, Huelva, Palos de la Frontera, Sevilla, Tomelloso, Alcazar, Tarancon, Granada, Malaga, Almeria, Elche, Valencia, Cordoba and Arganda. The campaign is supported by Romanian companies Lider Romproduct Activ and Tabita Tour.

UK Ambassador: First contact with Romanian authorities on night of fire; formal request for assistance on Nov. 6

British Ambassador in Bucharest Paul Brummell said on Thursday that his first contact with the Romanian authorities in the aftermath of the tragic Colectiv club blaze was right on the night of the fire, around 4:00 a.m., when he called the emergency services, adding that the British received a formal request for assistance on November 6.

I think I had the first contact with Romanian authorities on Oct. 31, around 4:00 a.m., when I learned about the fire and called the Department for Emergency Situations. I then stayed in touch throughout the week with the Department for Emergency Situations, for instance I discussed several times with Dr. Arafat, Brummell told a press briefing.

He explained that on Tuesday, November 3, burn injury expert doctor Sarah Pape came to Bucharest on her own, bringing also high-performing equipment capable to scan the burns of the victims so that the doctors be able to decide if surgery was necessary or if the skin could be left to regenerate naturally.

The Ambassador mentioned that he met on Nov. 6 with doctor Sarah Pape and Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu, and that on that occasion the British physician presented her opinions on the clinical needs of the victims.

On that very day Mr. Banicioiu made a formal request in the form of letter. So I received the letter on November 6 and then we were able to conduct a patient assessment process, mentioned the British diplomat, explaining that this had been his first contact with the Health Minister after the fire.

Brummell added that the assessment was performed by Dr. Pape together with another British physician, Keith Judkins, Romanian physicians and representatives of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.

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