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March 23, 2023

Orastie-Sibiu Highway ends up in… court

The Transport Minister’s Oversight Body has found serious irregularities in the contract for the construction of the Orastie-Sibiu Highway, including the fact that the National Highways and Roads Company (CNADNR) was aware of the construction project’s risks as early as 2014 but failed to take any measures. Because of this, the Transport Ministry has notified the authorities that there are “suspicions of a criminal nature.”

The Minister’s Oversight Body has noted that great delays were registered as early as the design stage, spilling over into the construction stage. The Entrepreneur is yet to file the paperwork needed in order to obtain the construction permit for the supplementary plots of land.
The Entrepreneur demanded a 30 per cent hike of the contract’s value on account of the technical solutions in areas with land instability. CNADNR informed the Entrepreneur that the unpredictability conditions are not met. The feasibility study shows that the area experiences landslides and recommends thorough geological surveys, this aspect being included in the disputes between the two sides.

A document for the cancellation of the contract for design and construction of Section 3 of the Sibiu-Orastie Highway was drafted in early 2014 but was not officially adopted and did not take effect despite the fact that it substantiated the advisability of cancelling the contract. Thus, the measure did not result in the remedying of deficiencies.
Section 3 of the Sibiu-Orastie Highway opened to traffic on November 14, 2014, without final acceptance. CNADNR informed at that time that cracks appeared in the road but that they were superficial.

According to the Oversight Body’s audit, CNADR did not properly monitor the implementation of the contract and did not apply its provisions, did not make sure all of its quality demands were met, did not take into account the enforcement of the warranty and did not promote the advisability and need to cancel the contract.

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