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January 27, 2022

Parliament to green-light the Ciolos Cabinet. Hearings in specialized committees start today, vote in the Plenum on Tuesday

Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos announced on Sunday the list of his Cabinet, that includes 21 members, all of them technocrats.

He declared that he had intended to choose in the Government team he intended to propose “professionals, honest people, open for dialogue”, mentioning that, on Monday and Tuesday, he would introduce them to the Parliament, to gain their vote of appointment.

The list of ministers of Dacian Ciolos Cabinet was submitted to Parliament on Sunday evening. Monday morning is scheduled a meeting of the leadership of both Chambers to establish the timing of hearings of the proposed ministers in the specialized committees.

The ballot in the Plenum will be held on Tuesday. A majority of 274 members of the Parliament is needed. The parties announced they would support the Government if certain conditions are met.

According to the Constitution, the Parliament gives the Government confidence by a vote of the majority of deputies and senators (article 103, para. 3). After the joint sitting of the legislature, “the prime minister, the ministers and the other members of the Government shall each be sworn in before the President of Romania”, according to the Constitution’s article 104, para. 1

The swearing-in ceremony of the new ministers before President Klaus Iohannis will take place on Tuesday evening at the Cotroceni Palace.

Senate Speaker Tariceanu: Ministers to be heard on Monday, Government to the vote on Tuesday

The Parliament will meet on Tuesday at 10:00 am to vote on the Government shaped by Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos, according to the decision by the joint standing bureaus of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies.

At the end of the standing bureaus’ meeting, the Senate’s Speaker, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu specified that the ministers submitted are to be heard in the specialty committees of the Parliament during this Monday, from 13:00 through 21:00.

“We have decided as such, based on the list and on the governing programme we have received from the PM-designate. So, we have considered two documents that are distributed to the committees. (…) Tomorrow (e.n. – on Tuesday), from 10:00 am, the plenary reunion will commence where the Prime Minister comes to present the governing programme and, afterwards, interventions in debates on behalf of the groups will take place, according to the time allocated. (…) Depending on the duration of the vote and of the debates, the investiture vote will also take place tomorrow,” said Tariceanu, at the Parliament Palace.

He also said that on Tuesday too, the joint standing bureaus will be summoned at 9:30 am, to complete the duration allocated for debates to each parliamentary group.

The proposed members of the Government are:

Costin Grigore Borc – Vice-Premier and Minister of Economy, Commerce and Tourism. A graduate of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, with vast managerial experience, CEO of CRH, former Lafarge.

Vasile Dancu – Vice-Premier and Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration (sociologist, ex-PSD member)

Lazar Comanescu – Minister of Foreign Affairs, (presidential adviser, former Ambassador to Germany)

Petre Toba – Minister of Internal Affairs (senior police quaestor and general inspector of the Inspectorate General of the Romanian Police )

Mihnea Ioan Motoc – Minister of National Defence (diplomat, Romanian Ambassador to the UK)

Anca Dana Dragu Paliu – Minister of Public Finances (economic analyst with the European Commission, with major expertise in the management of relations between Romania and the international organisations)

Achim Irimescu – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (minister counsellor at the permanent representation of Romania to the European Commission – ex-Secretary of State with the Ministry of Agriculture from 2012 to 2014)

Victor Vlad Grigorescu – Minister of Energy, Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Environment (current member of the Board of Electrica, former adviser to ex-Minister Razvan Nicolescu)

Adrian Curaj – Minister of National Education and Scientific Research (Director General of UEFISCDI, institution that distributes, based on competitions, the money allocated to research by the government )

Vlad Alexandrescu – Minister of Culture ( Professor at the Bucharest University, former Ambassador to Luxembourg)

Aura Carmen Raducu – Minister of European Funds (senior manager with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, with solid expertise in the Regio programme)

Cristina Guseth – Minister of Justice (heads the Freedom House NGO)

Cristina Pasca Palmer – Minister of Environment, Waters and Forests (Head of Unit at the European Commission)

Claudia Ana Moarcas – Minister of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly Persons (Professor of Labour Law, former Deputy Ombudsman, former OMPI, UN Geneva consultant, married to Doru Romulus Costea, Romania’s ambassador to China)

Marius-Raul Bostan – Minister for Informational Society ( founder of VMB Partners and member of the Board of Telekom)

Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu – Minister of Health. ( He is the director of the Prof. Dr. I Chiricuta Oncological Institute of Cluj Napoca). While Ciolos had originally picked Andrei Baciu for Health Minister, he withdrew the proposal after a few hours, as pictures of Baciu posing in underwear have started to circulate on social networks.

Elisabeta Lipa – Minister of Youth and Sports (Multiple Olympic canoeing champion, Vice-President of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee)

Marian Dan Costescu – Minister of Transports (CFR Executive Manager)

Victoria-Violeta Alexandru – Delegate Minister for Social Dialogue (a graduate of the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Bucharest, she is currently director of the Institute for Public Policies (IPP) NGO

Dan Stoenescu – Delegate Minister for Relations with Romanians Abroad (A graduate in International Studies, he has worked, in Cairo, at the UN High Commission for Refugees and the International Organization for Migration, as a diplomat in Madrid and Beirut and was president of the European Union National Institutes for Culture in Lebanon for two consecutive terms of office, as a representative of the Romanian Cultural Institute)

Ciprian Bucur – Delegate Minister for Relations with the Parliament (head of service at the Legal, discipline and Immunities Committee of the Chamber of Deputies)

Ioan Dragos Tudorache – the Head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery (a jurist, he has a vast management experience in international institutions. He has worked for the UN in Kosovo.Currently, he is employed by the European Commission and held the responsibility of the unit dealing with the Schengen Area and International Relations, within the Directorate General for Home Affairs)

Ciolos: “I chose people with a vision, ideas and experience in management”

Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos declared, while announcing the members of the Government he proposed that he intended to choose competent and experienced people, endowed with vision and ideas.
“We intended to choose persons with competences and experience (…) including Romanians working in the European administration and people working in organizations of civil society. I chose people with a vision, ideas and experience in management”, the appointed Prime Minister declared, mentioning that he intended to create a “balance” between young people with a solid professional training and people with a vast experience.
“We intended to choose professional people, honest ones, open for dialogue, and I will introduce them to the Parliament, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow”, Ciolos declared.
He stated that the Government proposed by him is one of the “rare” Cabinets that includes one third women.
Ciolos also made a short presentation for each person proposed as a Minister for his Cabinet.

“We do not make changes for the mere sake of change”

Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos announced having proposed for the portfolio of Regional Development and Public Administration Minister sociologist Vasile Dincu considering his experience and vision, and not because he was a member of PSD.
“He is a former member of PSD but I did not choose him in this quality, but for the experience and vision he has in the field I proposed him for. In the field of Administration (…) I want us to come up with a project of improvement in our activity in this field, for more transparency and efficiency. On the other hand, he, due to his professional activity, knows Romanian society well and I find the connection of the Government and the Romanian society important, and I think he will provide major contribution from this point of view”, Ciolos declared on Sunday at Parliament Palace.

Ciolos also revealed on Sunday, when asked whether he would change state secretaries that he never changes people for the mere sake of change an he never reaches such decisions from the very beginning, without an evaluation.
“We do not make changes for the mere sake of change. My utmost priority is an efficient and professional team. So, until we perform an evaluation, let us see who had worked in what field and how they managed, as I cannot reach decisions from the very beginning, for the sake of change or refuse changes just for the sake of completing an activity. (…) The improvement in the activity of the administration means that we could perform an evaluation of the way the present administration is working or not and how we can introduce certain criteria in the operating of administration, starting from the manner of recruitment and up to the manner of promotion, criteria that may increase the professionalism of the administrative procedures”, Ciolos declared.

He added that he wished to reap the benefits of experience gained from the outside of administrative structures, such as, by example, experience in the area of civil society.
“In the field of administration, by example, there are plenty of studies made in the last few years, and I would like us to start this process now, as we are likely not to complete it during one single year”, Ciolos mentioned.

Dacian Ciolos also declared on Sunday that he has not met yet former Prime Minister Victor Ponta, but mentioned having had an exchange of messages with him.
“We had not had it (a meeting, editor’s note) yet because I am just a Prime Minister designate. We had an exchange of messages and we will have a meeting as soon as I formally overtake the responsibility of the Government”, Ciolos declared.

No decision at this point on the ten per cent increase in public employees’ wages

The Prime Minister-designate announced that he could not issue a decision at this point whether he agreed with the ten per cent increase in public employees’ wages and that he was looking forward to examine an analysis of the budget.
“What I can tell you and I have told parties as well is that I have no intention whatsoever to come and cut things, cut from the budget or various proposals or decisions already made by the Parliament. Nonetheless, I do not want to jeopardize Romania’s credibility by proposing a budget that would lack consistence and solidity. If the construction of the budget allows it, I would like us to go through with the measures decided by the Parliament, destined to improve both the economical environment and the living conditions of employees”, Ciolos declared on Sunday at the Parliament Palace.
Asked whether he would overtake the salary law from the ex-Government, the Prime Minister pointed out that he is unable to give an answer at this point, but promised all good things would be overtaken.
“I do not know, we will see. We are going to overtake all good things and do all required changes and modifications. The propositions we will make will also be the result of discussions and debates. Obviously, they will be held with the Parliament, first of all, because the Parliament is to decide, but I also want to benefit of experience coming from outside administrative structures, from civil society”, the Prime Minister-designate revealed.

Geoană (PSRO): We will vote for the Ciolos Cabinet

The Romanian Social Party (PSRO) will vote for the Dacian Ciolos Cabinet, but a future support in Parliament will depend on the way in which the new Government meets the expectations of the population, PSRO President Mircea Geoana said on Sunday.
‘PSRO believes the main obligation of the new Government is to bring a solid ruling programme, focussed on the creation of jobs. According to the talks these last few days, we will vote for the Ciolos Cabinet, but our support in Parliament will massively depend on the way in which the new Cabinet meets those expectations’, Geoana said, according to a release sent to Agerpres.
In his opinion, most ministers proposed by the prime-minister designate are professionals, but Dacian Ciolos will need an explicit majority to be able to rule.

UDMR’s Kelemen Hunor: The Ciolos Cabinet will not have problems in Parliament because PSD is still in power

The President of UDMR, Kelemen Hunor, thinks the PM designate Dacian Ciolos will not have any problems during the vote on his Cabinet in Parliament because it has secured PSD’s support by nominating Vasile Dincu and there will be political stability the following year.

‘The political stability for next year, after this proposal by Mr.; Ciolos, is secured. It will be an extremely necessary stability, in my opinion, not only for the adoption of the budget, but also during the election year 2016. It will have no problems with the vote, as PSD is still in power through the most important portfolio from the point of view of the budget and through the control over deconcentrated agencies, prefects and all the administration’, Kelemen Hunor told Agerpres on Sunday.

He said that, with the nomination of Vasile Dincu, a person with a remarkable scientific activity, but who ‘is Liviu Dragnea’s strategist, used to be Ponta, Geoana’s and is an outstanding figure of the group of Cluj’, Dacian Ciolos managed the performance of having a wide majority in Parliament, as he also has PNL’s endorsement.

Social-Democrats and Liberals support the new Government

On Sunday, after announcing Ministers, Dacian Ciolos had discussions with Social-Democrats to seek an eventual support in the Parliament at the time of the ballot for appointment. Most members of the National Executive Committee of PSD voted for supporting Ciolos Government at the ballot in the Parliament. There were also two abstaining and one vote against, Social-Democrat sources revealed.

The Prime Minister designate was greeted at the meeting of the PSD National Executive Committee by President Liviu Dragnea who told him: “Wellcome inside PSD.” The Prime Minister designate reacted instantly: “You are saying dangerous things.”

He continued by declaring he felt well received in the midst of PSD member in the quality he held at that point.
“It is a technocrat Government without previous political support, but I hope that we can get political support by the way I structured the Government team and by what we intend to do”, Ciolos added.

After the meeting at PSD, the Prime Minister designate also saw the representatives of Liberals. After discussions, Dacian Ciolos announced he benefited of the support of Liberals as well in establishing the Government and that he wished to enjoy this support later, as well, by the projects he proposed.

On her turn, Alina Gorghiu appreciated that the list of Ministers proposed by Ciolos “was a highly promising team.”
“I do not envy him, but I wish him a lot of luck”, Gorghiu declared. “It was the only solution everybody agreed on, at the proposal made by President Klaus Iohannis, to end this political crisis in Romania. We are happy that this set of priorities is according to PNL projects”, the PNL co-chair revealed.

The National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR) also voiced support for the new Government.

“The National Union for the Progress of Romania will support the prime minister-designate and the Cabinet proposed by him in Parliament”, the UNPR said in a release to AGERPRES, after the meeting the party had with Ciolos on the formation of a new Government.

European Commission on Ciolos-Tusk-Juncker meeting: “We continue working together for Europe”

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and President of the European Council Donald Tusk had a meeting on Saturday on Henri Coanda Airport with designate Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos and a photograph of the three officials was published on a Twitter account of the European Commission.
Juncker and Tusk made a short stop in Bucharest to meet Prime Minister designate Dacian Ciolos on their way to Turkey, where the two European officials are attending the G20 summit in Ankara.

The protography was distributed by the Romanian account of the European Commission after being made by Head of the European Commission’s spokesperso Mina Andreeva. “We continue working together for Europe”, the message posted by Mina Andreeva announces.

Tusk congratulated Ciolos

Previously, Donald Tusk congratulated Dacian Ciolos for being nominated Prime Minister in Romania, in a letter posted on Friday on the website of the European Council.
“On behalf of the European Council, I would like to convey my warm congratulations on your nomination as Prime Minister of Romania.
I am also confident that through your leadership, commitment and professionalism, the high expectations of the Romanian people in a new Government will be met. This will provide the necessary political stability to face all challenges at hand.
I wish you success in your mission and look forward to working closely with you.”, says Tusk’s letter.

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