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May 22, 2022

Another injured in Colectiv club fire dies,death toll at 56

A young woman injured in the Colectiv nightclub fire on Oct. 30 has died at Saint Ioan Hospital in the Romanian capital on Monday, medical sources told Agerpres.

The death of the 18-year-old takes the Colectiv death toll to 56.

Secretary of State Raed Arafat about Colectiv fire victims : ‘It is still possible to have more deaths’

Home Affairs Secretary of State Raed Arafat (photo) said on Sunday here was still a risk of more deaths among the Colectiv fire victims.

‘We still have patients that cannot be transferred or transported, critical patients. These are patients who couldn’t have been transferred even if we had wanted to and even if there had been available beds in hospitals abroad. These patients could get better or worse. It means that, unfortunately, we cannot say it is over. A period of complications of infections and other types of complications will begin for some of the patients. Unfortunately, it is still possible that we may have more deaths among the patients who are in the country and outside the country’, Arafat said on ProTV.

He recommended to those who had been in the club on 30 October, but did not suffer any injuries, to go and see the doctor just in case.
‘If you have no symptom, if you don’t feel anything, it means you are Ok. If you have a problem and you know there is a problem, you go and see the doctor. Some may have some issues for a while, such as coughing, pulmonary distress and other issues, develop infections more easily, which definitely requires medical attention’, explained the MAI official.
According to him, the Colectiv victims will still require support at least for another year or even two for physical and mental recovery.
‘Fifty-five people have died in the Colectiv fire. The Health Ministry says, on Saturday, 56 persons injured in the fire were in Bucharest hospitals. Thirteen were in critical condition. Another patient was transferred to the AHK hospital in Vienna on Friday.

ISU inspectors arrested

The Appeal Court Martial on Saturday admitted DNA’s appeal and decided to have arrested Antonina Radu, ISU inspector, indicted in the case of the Colectiv fire. DNA had appealed a decision of the Bucharest Court Martial placing Antonian Radu under house arrest.
The Appeal Court Martial also decided that the other ISU inspector charged, George Matei, would stay under arrest.
The two ISU captains were charged with abuse of office where the civil servant obtained an undue benefit for self or for others.

Dacian Ciolos paid tribute to place of tragedy

The PM-designate Dacian Ciolos visited on Sunday the place in front of the Colectiv Club where people keep bringing flowers and candles for the victims of the fire of 30 October. According to Vecinul.net, Dacian Ciolos prayed in front of the Colectiv club for the people who had lost their lives in the tragedy two weeks before.

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