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August 7, 2022

Parliament validates Ciolos Cabinet

The Cabinet nominated by Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos on Tuesday received Parliament’s vote of confidence with 389 votes in favour, 115 against and two null.

The sitting began with a moment of silence in memory of the victims of the attacks in Paris of last week, upon the proposal of Ruthenian national minority deputy Gheorghe Firczak.

PM-designate Ciolos: Parties can use the Gov’t to regain Romanians’ confidence

Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos on Tuesday said that the political parties can use the opportunity of the new government to make administration more efficient and regain the confidence of Romanians, giving assurances that his Cabinet will be an open partner.

“I don’t believe democracy is weakened by this government, but I strongly believe that democracy can come out strengthened by the efficient work of this government. The political parties can use the opportunity of this government to make public administration more efficient and regain the confidence of Romanians. You can rest assured that the Government will be an open partner. We are aware that, in the absence of a majority political support for us defined in a government programme drawn up and supported by political parties or a coalition thereof, we need to conduct a permanent dialogue with you and that is what we will do,” Ciolos told a plenary session of Parliament on Tuesday.

As far as depoliticisation is concerned, Ciolos said that will be a consequence of increased administration efficiency. “I believe that is what the political class and the society need and if we hide behind the absence of efficiency, everyone will lose,” added Ciolos.

He mentioned there is no unconstitutional measure in the government programme, because the Government will follow the Constitution. “The government programme has essential measures that we have pledged to carry through in one year’s time, but we avoided creating a stuffy document for the sake of having a large number of pages and also listing measures that were not discussed with the nominated ministers beforehand,” said Ciolos.

He reaffirmed the Government’s intention is to open a dialogue with the society, not to replace Parliament, but to strengthen the legitimacy of governing.

“That is why what we need most now is confidence. As a nation, as a society, we have over the last years lost very much confidence in ourselves, for various reasons, and we can see just how much energy we can muster to protest. Protesting is also a democratic action, but what this government wants to do, once legitimated by your positive vote, is to steer the energy of protest toward an energy of creativity because I believe we can rebuild our destiny, our future and confidence in ourselves together if only we trust each other. We are starting with confidence in you and in your good faith to help us succeed in our mission,” Ciolos concluded.

The list of ministers proposed by PM-designate:

* Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Commerce and Relations with the Business Milieu – Costin Grigore Borc

* Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration – Vasile Dancu

* Foreign Affairs Minister – Lazar Comanescu

* Interior Affairs Minister – Petre Toba

* National Defence Minister – Mihnea Ioan Motoc

* Public Finances Minister – Anca Dana Dragu Paliu

* Justice Minister – Raluca Alexandra Pruna

* European Funds Minister – Aura Carmen Raducu

* Agriculture and Rural Development Minister – Achim Irimescu

* Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elders Ministry – Claudia Ana Moarcas

* Energy Minister – Victor Vlad Grigorescu

* Transport Minister – Marian Dan Costescu

* Environment, Waters and Forests Minister – Cristiana Pasca Palmer

* Health Minister – Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu

* National Education and Scientific Research Minister – Adrian Curaj

* Minister of Communications and for Information Society – Marius-Raul Bostan

* Culture Minister – Vlad Alexandrescu

* Youth and Sport Minister – Elisabeta Lipa

* Minister – Delegate for Public Consultation and Social Dialogue – Victoria-Violeta Alexandru

* Minister – Delegate for Relations with Romanians Everywhere – Dan Stoenescu

* Department for Relation with Parliament – Ciprian Bucur

* Head of Prime Minister’s Chancellery – Ioan Dragos Tudorache.

Regional Development portfolio nominee Dancu gets specialist committees’ approval

Vasile Dancu, nominated by Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos for Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration got the approval of the Parliament’s specialist committees at the hearings on Tuesday with a majority of the votes and one abstention.

Dancu was also nominated for the position of deputy prime minister.

Vasile Dancu: I don’t believe a government even if not political would rule out what’s good
The minister proposed for Regional Development and Public Administration, Vasile Dancu on Tuesday said during his hearing at the parliamentary specialty committees that he wishes to father premises for the reform of administration by improvement of human resources.

He highlighted that a balanced regional development of Romania would be focused on a communication between the central administration and the local one, and that the latter’s “voice” should count, mentioning that he would not eliminate what was done well so far.

“I don’t believe that a government, even if not political, will rule out what used to be well done so far. We’ll try to carry on and to build, to mend where it is not working. Unfortunately, until two years ago we didn’t even have a plan,” added Dancu.

He specified that he will step in for cancelling the limitation of the communication connection between the Government and the political environment.

“We’ll try to make a very good relationship with the Romanian Parliament. I would like that this limitation exists no more and I’ll be a communication link,” said Dancu.

He added that he will build several priority lines in the field and that he will work similarly with all the parliamentary, non-parliamentary parties, with the civil society, mentioning that the strengthening of the public administration and the growth of confidence in the political class, a very low indicator currently, are necessary.

“It is not about lack of quality, but of lack of transparence,” said Dancu.

Justice portfolio nominee Raluca Pruna gets specialist committees’ approval

Raluca Pruna, the proposal for the Justice Ministry, has received the approval of the Parliament’s specialist committees, 48 – 1, and two abstentions, at the hearings on Tuesday.

Raluca Alexandra Pruna has a BA in Law and Philosophy and a MA in Political Science.

Pruna received many scholarships from several institutions, such as TEMPUS, Open Society Institute, USAID and the Human Rights Institute (1990-1998).

Pruna is a former founding member and director of the Romanian Association for Transparency, currently known as Transparency International Romania (1999-2003).

She worked as a lawyer and legal assistant (Sept. 1996 – Sept. 2000).

Pruna is a former Advisor with the European Commission Representation in Bucharest – Justice and Internal Affairs, Anticorruption subchapter (September 2000 – December 2004) and Advisor and Programme Manager with the European Commission Directorate-General Justice, Freedom and Security, the Financial Solidarity for Asylum, Immigration and Border Controls section. (Starting June 2007).

Pruna is a former lawyer-linguist with the juridical service of the Council of the European Union (Jan. 2005 – May 2007) and external consultant on anticorruption issues at the World Bank (May 2000 – September 2000).

She is a former external collaborator on projects financed by the UK government (human trafficking – 2005; management of courts – 2007) at the Social Alternatives Association in Iasi.

Pruna is a member of numerous Romanian juridical organizations and associations: she is a founding member of the Society for Justice (Aug. 2005-March 2006); honorary member of the Magistrates’ Association of Romania (from June 2005); founding member of the Romanian Association for Analytic Philosophy (from Oct. 1995); member of the Romanian Association for dialogue and philosophical reflection (from Oct. 2005).

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