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June 13, 2021

Ciolos decides to withdraw Guseth’s nomination for Justice Minister

Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos announced on Tuesday he was withdrawing his nomination of Cristina Guseth for Justice Minister.

“So as not to weaken the confidence in the Government’s justice minister, in a very important year for maintaining the credibility of the judiciary’s activity, I have decided to withdraw my proposal for this portfolio, Ms. Cristina Guseth. I will put forward to the Parliament leadership a new nomination early” on Tuesday, Ciolos wrote on Facebook after midnight.

Prime Minister-delegate’s new proposals for Minister of Justice might be Mihai Selegean, a former director of the National Institute of Magistrature (2004-2008), or Raluca Prună, expert of European Commission.

Although Guseth, the director of the NGO Freedom House Romania, got the parliamentary specialist committees’ assent on Monday to take up as justice minister, she was put in difficulty at the hearings.

Guseth said after the hearings that she had thought of giving up the nomination, but immediately she thought of the impact her activity will have in the future and admitted she was not yet ready to take up the post.

“There was a situation in which I felt negative energy against me and, in spite of this and of extremely difficult experience, I will have to co-work and obey the power of the Romanian state’s law-making body”, she said n speaking of the tensed moment during the hearings on the issue of the MPs’ immunity.

As regards the fact a parliamentarian had asked her to give up the nomination and if there had been any moment when she had considered renouncing her nomination, Guseth answered she had, indeed.

“Yes, at those moments one passes through all phases. You think of yourself, of what you feel but you also think of this impact that what you do might have in the future and then I had to make the decision pretty fast… I am not ready but I will be, I will train myself, it will be much more difficult for me. I am not ready [trained] in that I do not have law education. It is for this very reason that I think I can represent there the person facing justice. And they must understand what there is in the laws. The law is not only the privilege of people with law training. The law applies to people. Therefore, I will represent those people and I will make an extra effort to understand and make the good decision”, she explained.

Guseth admitted she got stuck when asked the questions about immunity and felt as if sitting in an exam.

She is the second minister nominated by the prime minister-designate who is withdrawn by Ciolos before reaching the Parliament’s vote of confidence.

Late on Sunday, Ciolos’s nominee for Health Minister Andrei Baciu was withdrawn barely hours after the prime minister-designate had announced his Cabinet, being replaced by Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu.

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